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Thursday, April 9th, 2020

Fellow Wine Lovers,

I suspect you’ve had your lunch already, as we’re a bit on the late side this week. Timewise I suspect we’re closer to crisps and a Gin and Tonic in the garden?

We just wanted to drop you all a quick line to say we’ll be operating an early cut off on Saturday and then be back on Tuesday. We shall carry on replying to emails in chronological order, so there may be a bit of a backlog come Tuesday. Wayne is back in the chair now so we should get a bit quicker too.

Thanks everyone for your support and have a lovely Easter.


Wayne & Alex

Wayne reminisces…

Friday, April 3rd, 2020

Fellow Wine Lovers,

When I was but a whippersnapper, I used to watch a lot of Hammer Horror films. Now, don’t judge me, there’s nothing wrong with The Curse of The Mummy’s Tomb, or The Curse of Frankenstein, let alone The Curse of the Werewolf. Apart from the rather formulaic naming of some of the films, I also recall that Peter Cushing starred in rather a large number of them as did Christopher Lee. Personally, I always liked the Dracula and Vampire films but could never understand why we never watched any of the films featuring a Mummy. Fast forward a couple of years and a now 14 year old Wayne, with two of his chums, have laid their hands on a ridiculous amount of crepe bandage, just in time for April Fool’s Day.

Surely this will be our best one ever!

Wayne and chum number one wrap chum number two in said swaddling, position him perfectly on the doorstep, tap the knocker and retreat. What followed, when the door opened, was a scream so chilling that Hammer would still be in business if they’d been there to record it! Birds fell out of trees in surprise and, needless to say, teenage Wayne was a tad mortified. That, ladies and gentlemen is how I discovered why we didn’t watch films with a Mummy, it seemed my mum was terrified of them! So not seen by everyone as my best April Fool ever, I was barely spoken to by Easter and still receive a death stare if I mention it – gotta love a Hammer Horror!

In other news this week, our year end came round, which involves all sorts of things we do every day and several things we do considerably less often. One of the less frequent activities was where we stock counted the cellar, the shelves and the boxes in the currently closed shop. It seemed the combination of dim light, font size and perhaps our age (!) meant that at no point in the entire day did we seem to have the correct glasses on our noses. Those logistical challenges aside, it seemed most things were where they were supposed to be, we really have nearly run out of gift bags and now we just need to face our accountant with the numbers. I think we’ll get the VAT return done first though.

Need A Delivery?

Please write to us on with an idea of what you want, how many bottles and an approximate cost as the more information you give us the quicker we can turn it round. We’ll suggest ideas, send you the cost and payment details and deliver to your doorstep, all safely distanced.

Please do bear with us though, we will get to everyone, there is wine and beer and whisky and gin to go around. Email is the best way to place your order, we are dealing with them in chronological order.

Please don’t phone the shop, we’re not monitoring the phone there except for incoming deliveries.

And that folks is that – keep on rockin’!