Cricket, Gin and Rose…down the hatch!

Fellow Wine Lovers,
So, I sent him off into the big city yesterday, with a bag full of corporate gifts, an oyster card and his mobile phone, which we had cross checked as being on and unusually, not critical for battery. It was a lovely day, as you all know, so he had his shorts on and I really didn’t expect him back in a hurry.
But what did happen next was definitely not what anyone expected. Facebook was the first to see it, then Twitter and then finally his wife rang to ask me, quite sternly in fact, where he was.
Apparently, so the story goes, he got distracted on the Central Line and got off at St Pauls instead of Bank. He had then gone for a bit of a stroll in the sunshine and ending up in the cool sanctuary of the Cathedral. Before he knew it, he was ascending the many steps into the Golden Gallery for a birds-eye view.
And then it happened.
As any good, modern traveller knows, the best and only way to properly appreciate an iconic tourist destination is to strip down to your socks with nothing else, and pose for a selfie, ideally with some Dutch people. And it was a hot day after all.
I think he’s closed his Facebook page and the Twitter shots were blurred but, frankly, what on earth possessed him to do it???
It’s like going to the Vatican and pulling a mooney, or climbing Mount Kinabalu and taking… oh, you get the drift!
Sports News
We’ll be brief here. A substitute England team played cricket on Tuesday, by substitute one means certain personnel were replaced by people who can bat and bowl, or even do both. However, for all true England fans we can certainly regard this as a blip and expect normal service to resume at The Oval today.
Also in cricket, the sweatiest cap ever to play cricket retired yesterday. Matt Prior is 33.
In racing we had varying success last weekend at Epsom but are saving ourselves for Ascot next week.
Lastly, and I realise you all know about this already, the European Games open this evening in Baku. What do you mean you’ve never heard of them?
Gin News
It’s World Gin Day tomorrow. So far as we’re concerned everyday is Gin day as we have Gin open every day and man cannot live on Latte’s and Salt & Vinegar Squares alone. We have Dodd’s Gin from Battersea (£37.50), we have Zuidam from Holland (£34.99), we have Fever Tree (4 for £3). Full speed ahead.
Rosé News
Confirmed acts for our first ever Rosé focused tasting:
In the ‘Fizz tent’ we have Billecart Salmon Brut Rosé NV, Hoffmann & Rathbone Rosé Réserve Brut 2011 and Mimi Pink Brut NV.
The ‘I’m the #1 Rosé in France’ tent is featuring Chateau L’Aumerade Cuvée Marie Christine Cru Classé 2014 from Provence, from Sancerre we have Pascal Jolivet’s Rosé 2014 and from Gascony, a young pretender in the guise of Cuvée Jean-Paul 2014.
Finally, in the ‘I’m not French or Fizzy but I am Pink’ tent we have the Borsao Rosado 2014 from Campo de Borja in Spain and Alasia Brachetto D’Acqui from Piemonte in Italy.
It’s going to be a brilliant evening, no doubt. £20 reserves you a ticket for all three tents, and the event takes place at 8pm, Thursday 9th July. To reserve, and you do need to reserve, call us on 020 8944 5224, or reply to this email or pop into the shop and see us.
Weekend News
When you come in to buy your Rosé tickets how about a drop of wine to tantalise you tastebuds – we will have the new vintage of our very popular Vinho Verde Leira Seca 2014 – £10.49 – open for white drinkers and for the redder hued, we are opening Chakana Malbec 2014 – £11.99 – just in case anyone is thinking barbecue.
That’s all from us for now, keep your clothes on, and if that’s becoming difficult, just don’t take a photo…
Down the hatch,

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