Chinon, Saumur and Sassicaia

Fellow Wine Lovers,
Is it just me or do we all think some kind of Groundhog Day should be instigated so that all one day cricket could be like the last few games? After the World Cup performance I certainly didn’t imagine that this series would be so exciting and be sat at 2 each going in to the final game.
We saw a report this week (on the BBC, no less!) that suggested “Fixing Parliament ‘could cost £5.7 billion’”. We couldn’t help but wonder if our man Sepp couldn’t fix it for less than that!
Mo, Mo say it ain’t so!
In wine news we saw that Gary Lineker has had his wine collection stolen, with the exception of one, unnamed, case. We were reminded of a friend who was burgled a few years ago with the thieves stealing his entire CD collection with the exception of the Billy Joel discs. Toe-rags the lot of ‘em!
Our hearts sank with the ‘Fruit flavoured wines are the drinks of the future’ headline. Apparently young adults will prefer to have perfectly good wine adulterated with sugar and fruit juices. Doesn’t appeal to me and if that’s the future I’m off…
Wine School
We’re halfway through Summer term and we’ve had a few people asking so…
Term Starts on Wednesday 16th September at 8pm sharp. Over 6 Wednesday evenings you’ll taste around 60 different wines discover new favourites and who knows, maybe make some friends too. Cost is £150 and full details are attached.
New Wines
The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed the odd new wine appear here and there on the shelves. We’ve managed to track down some delicious Domaine Coche-Bizouard Monthelie 1er Cru ‘Les Duresses’ 2009 (£28.99); we’ve dipped our toe in the posh Italian end with a small amount of Sassicaia 2012 (£125); and whilst on the subject of Italy we also have Monte Del Fra Soave Classico 2013 (£12.99) a deliciously crisp summery drop.
Tasting this Weekend
Another of our newbies and something we’re very excited about is Chinon ‘Les Picasses’ 2006 Olga Raffault (£18.99). We love Cabernet Franc with a little age so were dead chuffed when we came across this. It’ll be parking itself in the red corner on the tasting table this weekend, so do come and have a sample.
We’re staying in the Loire, so those of you more persuaded by wines of the white variety might like to wrap your taste buds around Langenlois Chateau Saumur Blanc Vieilles Vignes 2008 (£19.99) a splendidly rounded Chenin Blanc that could give some of the top burgundies a run for the money in the style stakes!
Chin chin,
Wayne & Alex

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