Wine and Cheese Tasting, Rose and Derby Day

Fellow Wine Lovers,

So, as Alex and I strolled down Hollywood Boulevard the other day, we chuckled to ourselves; our first film pitch had turned into box-office gold despite the implausible storyline and now we were heading off to pitch the sequel.

“So!” said our chum Martin, “What have you got for me!”

“We’re moving more into a legal drama now.” We said excitedly, talking over each other.

“After the Feds kicked the door in at the end of the first movie, the investigation moved up a notch. Before you could say ‘Give us a bung’ the old men were falling over themselves to tell tales. It turns out that apart from Kickball those gnarly fingers were in many pies, and it may be they tried to buy the entire election of a Caribbean island just to get some more offshore banking facilities!

So as the Feds noose tightens they all trip out their tales of remorse, several of them suddenly become too infirm to stand trial, and one of them, whose sons had confessed years earlier, even cries during a live TV exposé!”

At this point Martin just shakes his head “Nobody will ever make this one guys, you got lucky the first time, but I told you before, storylines have to be believable, now go back to the wine, at least you can work a corkscrew.”

“But!” we splutter, “what about the bit where the good looking ex-footballer David Ginever becomes president and World Cup audiences almost double!”
“WINE!” Martin said, more firmly.

Here we are again in Wimbledon Park…

Wine & Cheese – Thursday 11th June at 8pm – £20

There are four places left if you’d like to join us. Give us a call on 020 8944 5224.
We’re still working on the wines but Cheese-wise we’re going with a Welsh Black Bomber, a Morangie Brie (whilst there’s still free trade with Scotland!) a Ribblesdale Blue Goat’s Cheese (the cheese is blue not the goat!), and a Wensleydale from Kit Calvert (did he manage The Who, we wonder?).
Rosé Tasting – Thursday 9th July at 8pm – £20
We’re thinking pink here, the evening will feature Rosé in its many forms. Still, dry, fruit, fizzy and from Champagne. There’s talk of strawberries and we might even get Wayne to wear a pink shirt!
Derby Day (already!)
So it seems the smart money is on Frankie Dettori and Golden Horn, but you know us better than that, we going for a cheeky each way on Hans Holbein!
Tasting this Weekend
Alex is definitely in the chair this week, he’ll regale you with tales of Derring do on a mackerel boat, digging for oil in the bunkers of golf clubs across the Costa del Sol (I think he called for a rescue club!) who knows maybe even something useful about the wine.
White wise we’ll go with Domaine du Salvard Cheverny (£12.39) a delicious Loire refresher that is a blend of 80% Sauvignon Blanc and 20% Chardonnay, married marvellously in stainless steel and bang on for that 20c the weatherman is promising.
Burlesque Zinfandel (£9.79) is putting in time in the red corner, a delicious old vine example that is pitch perfect for all manner of things cooked over coals.
So drop by, say hi, have a taster and we’ll talk about horses….

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