Happy New Year. 2022 We’ve Got This!

Fellow Wine Lovers,

Possibly not our most original idea but like many before us, we thought we’d give you a quick recap of 2021.

January saw us discuss a racing pigeon lost at a race in Oregon turning up in Melbourne, a flight of 13000km.

February found us up to our knees in Ferrero Rocher, Valentines cards and the Six Nations Rugby, whilst Wayne got a new shed.

We marched on into, well, March and there was more Rugby, covid jabs and the unexpected appearance of Jilly Cooper in one of our Friday emails. ‘Stay at Home’ ended on the 29th.

April rode in with a mixture of sunshine, snow and rain. The Volvo got a new bit for its suspension, Paris Roubaix was postponed and Mark Cavendish came third at the Schelderprijs and then won three stages at the Tour of Turkey. We got haircuts.

May arrived without the removal of any layers as it was still very chilly. We voted for a London Mayor and kept the one we had. Leicester won the FA Cup and Harry Kane wanted to leave Tottenham Hotspur.

In June, the G7 bought gridlock and an extra burst of  the ‘rona to the lucky folks of Cornwall. Whilst scientists discovered infecting mosquitoes with Wolbachia bacteria causes a 77% reduction in cases of dengue fever without harming the mosquito.

July saw the Tour de France, Freedom Day and England’s men’s football team lose on penalties to Italy in the European Championship final at Wembley. Despite not being originally scheduled to ride, Mark Cavendish was on winning form again, equalling Eddy Merckx 34 victories at the Tour.

August featured a lot of Dave’s getting up to mischief. Call me Dave was in bother for lobbying proceeds, ‘Dave Smith’ at the Embassy in Berlin for selling secrets to the Russians, and ‘River Dave’ for being in contempt of a New York court.

September contained too many R’s. Ronaldo returned to Manchester, Reginald Dwight (Elton John) postponed his tour of the UK, Rahm at the Ryder Cup, and a Government reshuffle.

October arrived with James Bond, whilst the Justice Minister was demonstrating his grasp of the brief with “Misogyny is absolutely wrong, whether it’s a man against a woman, or a woman against a man”.

November arrived with COP26 involving more hot air than seemed sensible and Owen Paterson resigned. There were fireworks for most of the month.

He we are at the end of December.  We’d like to thank you dearly for your support this year it really means a lot us. We wish you all a Happy New Year and hope you all have a fabulous weekend.

We did also talk a bit about wine as well but not as much as we would like to think we do – anyway, bring on 2022, we’ve got this!

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