New Year in, Angélus Out and a Sale

Fellow Wine Lovers,

Happy New Year folks, may your cup overfloweth! Perhaps not with the red though, we don’t want to stain the carpet.

Away in the sunshine Down Under, Novax Djokovic discovers that being famous is not everything and not doing something can carry as many consequences as doing something. On which note we would take this opportunity to remind you that you’re in the last three weeks of time to do your tax return and, as a note to self; we have pretty much the same amount of time for our VAT return.

In wine news we can report that Chateau Angélus has decided to withdraw from the St Émilion classification system. “While acknowledging the benefits the Saint-Émilion classification has brought, Château Angélus has decided it is time to withdraw.” Drawn up every 10 years, it is due to be announced again this year amid reports that already two estates have plans to appoint lawyers. You may recall us reporting that following almost 10 years of court proceedings Angélus owner Hubert de Bôuard was found guilty by a French court in November 2021 of having undue influence in setting the standards of the 2012 classification.

We have stated before that if the lesser performing estates spent as much time concentrating on their vines and wines as they did in their lawyers office everyone could benefit. For the record, of the top four performing estates in St Émilion, only Chateau Pavie remains in the classification.

Whilst we’re on the subject of wine, I’d like to mention we’re having a January Sale. Despite everyone’s best efforts we just didn’t manage to sell out before the year end. As a result we have decided to continue a tradition we started in 2011 by offering you some FREE WINE.

Your eyes do not deceive you if you buy 6 bottles we’ll only charge you for 5. In reality that’s a 16.66% discount, not one of ‘the cheapest one free’ shenanigans that other retailers might like to hoodwink with…

Apart from spirits there are only a few odd products here and there that we’ll have to exclude but we’re sure you understand.

We understand that some of you may be involved in Dry January. It’s not for us in much the same way as Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas. We admire your spirit though, and would mention that do have a Zero Alcohol Sparkler should the charms of San Pellegrino wear a bit thin.  

That’s enough from us for the first week of the year, do pop in and say hi and leave with a box you only paid for five of.


Wayne & Alex

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