Merry Christmas

Fellow Wine Lovers,

Top to toe in tailbacks, Oh, I got red lights all around, I’m driving home for Christmas, yeah….

Thankfully, today marks the last day that we have to pay royalties to Chris Rea, Shakin’ Stevens, Noddy et al for wishing us festive joy, 1980’s style, and we can go back to listening to The Prodigy and Morbid Angel.

IN the meantime, we need to keep this short and sweet as the queue at the tills is starting to resemble the Centre Court Booster Jab line.  We’ll be here until 5pm today and then we are shut until Wednesday.  In fact, our opening hours for the next week go something like this:

Saturday 25th – Tuesday 28th December CLOSED

Wednesday 29th December – Friday 31st December Noon – 6pm

Saturday 1st – Wednesday 5th January CLOSED

Thursday 6th January Noon – 7pm

So, have a very jolly Christmas, eat, drink and be merry and don’t watch the news – you’ll have a much better time if you follow that advice. 

Finally, to show empathy for all of those isolating over Christmas, some wise words, with apologies to The Waitresses:

So deck those halls, trim those trees, Raise up cups of Christmas cheer, I just need to catch my breath,  I think, I’ll miss this one this year…

Wayne & Alex

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