Alex is keen (as always) to open a bottle of sherry, so we’ll indulge him!

Fellow Wine Lovers,

So, just when you thought it was safe to answer the door again, voting over, a new mayor installed and all the campaigners put back into the broom cupboard, a thing called Brexit rears its ugly head.  Out of the broom cupboard come the campaigners, blinking in the sunlight wondering what rosette they are supposed to wear. In? Out? What colour should it be and what do we tell people if they answer the door?

Meanwhile, the Leave it Out camp have had a rather shrill, shouty outburst at ITV over having asked Nigel of the Grassroots Out camp to come onto the telly and be interviewed with Dave from the Vote Me In team.

It seems Vote Me In Dave and his chum, Recession George, are rather reluctant to do the big BBC debate at Wembley because they’re worried the crowd might be a bit rowdy.

Meanwhile, Bring It On Boris says he’s happy to fight debate with anybody. He’s part of the Leave It Out campaign but we think he may also have other ideas he’s not told us about yet.

Those are all the key facts in what is, quite possibly, the most important vote the country has had in a generation. I suspect we’ll return to the Hokey Cokey debate before June 23rd and especially if we hear anything useful that might inform one’s voting intentions.

Elsewhere, we heard of some rudeness during last year’s Chinese state visit. Claims that this was a result of Prince Philip claiming to be the real Hong Kong Phooey are completely unfounded.

In other news, it appears that the IOC is under a bit of heat over “irregularities” concerning Tokyo 2020 and $2 million.

Whilst we’re talking about “irregularities”, the Electoral Commission has gone to court for a disclosure order regarding Conservative spending at the last election. Oops.

We’ve had a good squiz through the news on the wine front and found it very lacking. We could, of course, mention the welcome return of Tedeschi’s Amarone 2011 (£34.99) or the pile of Leira Seca 2015 (£10.49) Vinho Verde that was wheeled through the door this morning (finally!), or even that weird, slightly fizzy white from San Sebastian (Ameztoi Txakoli 2015 £14.29) but that just seems a bit salesy.

Tasting This Weekend

Alex is keen (as always) to open a bottle of sherry, so we’ll indulge him with Equipo Navazos Fino En Rama (£10.99)Full yellow colour. Mellow, slightly salty, nutty nose with fine citrus and spice notes. The palate is fresh and tangy with nuts, herbs and some spice. Very attractive and quite elegant; nothing sticks out. It has lovely depth of flavour but it’s not too salty or tangy. 92/100.Jamie Goode,

On the red front, we’ll be pulling the cork on Maison Des Bulliats Regnie 2015 (£12.99). A firm favourite with all of you, and a stalwart in the range we’re glad the new vintage has arrived.

That’s all folks!

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