Summer in the City, Picpoul de Pinet, Old Vine Zinfandel

Fellow Wine Lovers,

Summer in the city where the air is still/A baby being born to the overkill/Who cares what people say/We walk down love’s motorway/Ambition and love wearing boxing gloves/And singing hearts and flowers

I’ve spent a good portion of today trying to find a musical introduction to the email that would reflect the fabulous weather we have been enjoying of late. I finally went with the slightly surreal pop lyricism of Aztec Camera for a variety of reasons:

• Roddy Frame is from East Kilbride, so close enough to link in with the Commonwealth Games
• The words make absolutely no sense whatsoever but in the late 80’s (1988, I believe) it wasn’t ever about lyrics making sense
• All the other songs I could think of relating to hot weather, cities and such like seemed to revolve around it being too hot in here/we should probably take our clothes off/let’s go out tonight and get drunk/And then take our clothes off/It’s too hot to be dressed/let’s go dancing and get drunk/and then let’s take our clothes off….
• Which just didn’t seem appropriate for what I was trying to say

There are many joys and also some hard times that come with running your own business, especially a wine shop.

We work long hours, we rely on people walking through the door and actually liking the wines we have selected. Every day we have to try to be as jolly at 8pm as we were at 11am, which is, of course, easy as pie. However, one of the joys is the fact that we get to choose our own dress code. Alex has always been strict about us wearing closed-toed shoes (something to do with glass breakages and customers not necessarily wanting to see our feet) but otherwise no real restrictions apply.

Which is why we’ve been wearing shorts and polo shirts for the last few weeks and it’s been darn glorious. It’s a small perk but it’s a perk nonetheless!

Exodus/Movement of Jah people!/Oh-oh-oh, yea-eah!

This link, courtesy of Mr Marley, is perhaps a bit more obvious. The last of the schools closed their doors for summer this week and the roads were soon swamped with estate cars filled with footballs, boogie boards, swimming costumes and parasols. Like a plug being pulled from a bath somewhere around well, Bath let’s say, London has been emptied and Dorset, Devon and Cornwall have been filled to the brim.

We’re still here though, selling Rosé by the tanker and keeping the fridges filled, so if you’re still here too, take pleasure in having the city to yourself and space to park your car!

Not much more to add I believe.

The Wine School (consecutive Wednesdays, 17th September to 22nd October – £150) is slowly swelling in numbers, if you haven’t signed up yet, take advantage of the shorter queues we will have over the next week or two – details attached.

Wine & Cheese evening – Thursday 4th September at 8pm same rules as ever, £20 per person.

Wines to taste this weekend will be the southern French, oyster-shuckers selection, Domaine Félines Jourdan Picpoul de Pinet 2013 £11.99 a white wine built for July drinking and in the red chair we will be opening a BBQ classic Jewel Collection Old Vine Zinfandel 2012 £12.99 from Lodi, California – what better wine to match your grilled meats!

They’ll be open tonight from 5pm and all day tomorrow, so come in and enjoy them both whilst admiring Wayne’s knees!


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