Mutant Worms, Moët Ice Impérial, Maias Branco on telly

Fellow Wine Lovers,

In the realm of the ‘drinks and drinking’ media it feels like some of the grown-ups have gone on holiday and the student interns are running amok. Certainly we have found two items this week that I’m sure wouldn’t make front pages around budget time or Christmas.

So, first up and a serious contender for headline of the year and one that would appeal to the aforementioned students:

Mutant worm could help alcoholics
I won’t bore you too much with the science (why let facts ruin a good story) but Professor Jon Pierce-Shimomura from the University of Texas’ College of Natural Sciences and Waggoner Center for Alcohol and Addiction Research has apparently done something clever involving the words potassium, modified and cell membranes. The worm in question is made insensitive to alcohol (that’s the mutant bit) while still able to carry out its usual functions operating heavy machinery and driving a cab.

This breakthrough doesn’t actually sound like it’s going to help alcoholics address the health issues of their disease, more it’ll just make them able to drink more efficiently and for longer.

In the article the parting shot was: “The research could even be used to develop a ‘James Bond’ drug someday, which would enable a spy to drink his opponent under the table, without getting drunk himself.”
Only in Texas….

Moët Ice Impérial, a refreshing take on summer style

Our love affair (?) with Moët has been documented over the years but this we thought was worth page space. Launched in 2012 but only drifting onto our dusty radar last week we just had to share.

We like Champagne. We like the bubbles, the flavours, nuances, elegance and, damn it, the decadence of a glass for breakfast on a Tuesday. But there exist certain expectations (see previous sentence) and Champagne as a concept/brand/drink doesn’t really need to play around with its image to gain mass appeal. It doesn’t have to try and emulate cider, for example.

Enter Moët Ice Impérial. From their 2012 press release we glean:

The world’s first-ever champagne specifically created to be enjoyed on ice, Moët Ice Impérial is a refreshing take on summer style. “Moët Ice Impérial is a radically new way to drink champagne, and with a single sip, whisks you away to its warm and sunny world,” said Arnaud de Saignes, International Director of Marketing and Communications for Moët & Chandon.

Poetic licence, fine. But Champagne on ice – bit Magners, luv. It comes in a white bottle and in one of the photos is served with a slice of lime too. Sol, anyone? Oh and it’s sweet too – 45g/litre of sugar, or sweeter than Liebfraumilch if you wish. Think of a dry Asti Spumante and you’ll be close.

But we haven’t tasted it, it could be awesome, it retails for about £60+ and perhaps the last words are best left to Arnaud de Saignes:

“Whether enjoyed on ice by the beach with friends or experienced online, Moët Ice Impérial is itself a luxurious destination.”

We admit to being not the most savvy when it comes to new media, but can someone explain how you can enjoy a drink online – or in fact can anyone explain what the hell he is talking about? Luxurious destination, I ask you….

Why you should come to Wine School and why you shouldn’t.

As you may have read before we are doing our wine course once more after the summer has sizzled, starting on 17th September and drifting through until 22nd October.

That’s right, those Wednesday evenings that form the midweek watershed can now be filled with purpose. You’ve been good on Monday and Tuesday, gone to the gym and played tennis but by Wednesday the prospect of a glass of wine has greater appeal. How about justifying it as educational? We’ll taste about 60 wines over the 6 weeks from all over the world and from an array of varieties. We’ll taste white, red, rose, sweet, fizz and even corked wine, should this take your fancy! We’ll talk about food matching, wine lists, sommeliers and anything else you want to ask us questions about. We have even been known to give Champions League updates.

So really now the question is: why shouldn’t you? Frankly I cannot think of one good reason, even Wayne’s jokes have an endearingly comforting quality, reminiscent of an old cardigan…

So sign up today – £150 per person and a solution to the ‘what shall I do on Wednesday’ crisis!

Why you should vote for us in the Time & Leisure Food & Drink Awards 2014.

Because it would mean the world to us, we would be really grateful if you could and Waitrose don’t deserve it.

Wine & Cheese evening – Thursday 4th September at 8pm.

We’re taking a break from tastings in August but very early September sees us back on track, matching wine to cheese and continuing our quest for the perfect match. If you don’t want to miss out on that eureka! moment then book your place today. £20 per person and a fun evening out. Places as ever are limited, first come, first served seems to be a well established rule so let’s stick with that. 020 8944 5224 or should attract our attention!

What shall we drink this weekend
Shaping up to be hot and thunderous apparently, so I’m recommending wine.
Very exciting news for us this week was that one of our wines finally broke ranks and hit the big time, getting some airtime on the Food and Drink programme. Maias Branco 2013 – £11.39 is the wine, the estate being situated at the foot of Portugal’s largest mountain range, Serra da Estrela. Fleshy, almost golden delicious apple fruit and a lovely balanced finish, we think it’s fab and so do the celeb chefs now.
You can see for yourself here, fast-forward to 12 minutes 45 seconds and you’ll see what I mean. And just for this weekend, if you do watch the clip you can have the wine for the price she suggests it costs!

There will be red open too but I have to be honest here, I think we’ll decide on that one once the weather has decided which way it’s going to break.

An email filled with wine talk and no mention of sport – don’t tell Alex.

I’m off to git me a mutant worm and a bottle of hooch!

Bon weekend!

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