Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!

Fellow Wine Lovers,

And so it comes to pass.  Last missive of December, last missive of the year, last missive of the decade even and then it’s all over.

-What?  Over?  Did you say “over”?  Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!


– Forget it, he’s rolling.

-And it ain’t over now.  ‘Cause when the goin’ gets tough… (thinks hard of something to say) The tough get goin’!  Who’s with me?  Let’s go! (Bluto runs out, alone, to his local independent wine merchant….)

With apologies to John Belushi, however he was right, it’s not over.  Today is Friday 20th December, still 11 days left until the New Decade (having read POTUS letter to Nancy Pelosi, we’ve decided that indiscriminate use of cApiTals is the way forwards) and more importantly, 5 shopping days left until Christmas, including today.  It’s nowhere near over.

Courtesy of our researchers we also learnt that today, 20th December, is International Human Solidarity Day. 

International Human Solidarity Day is a day of action, led by the UN General Assembly, to encourage new initiatives for poverty eradication through the promotion of the culture of solidarity and the spirit of sharing.  It’s a timely reminder for us that what we do here, selling wine and talking a lot, actually isn’t at all important in the whole grand scheme of things and an occasional reminder does us no harm.

It seems charmingly appropriate that we also celebrate Billy Bragg’s birthday today and bonkers that Uri Geller, fresh from giving Boris a spoon “energised” with “mind positivity” to help him win the election, is now 73 years old!

As it seems likely that we will be continuing with Wayne’s Wet Weather for some time hence, we’ve decided to cut back on our rosé stocks for now and focus more on hearty reds and festive fizz.  With this in mind this weekend we will have open on the tasting table a panoply of delights for your delectation and degustation:

  • Lété-Vautrain Brut 204 – Champagne – £29.99 – 3 for £75
  • Bruno Giacosa Roero Arneis 2018 – Very Fancy Italian White – £19.99
  • Château Roland La Garde 1998 – Nicely Aged Claret – £30
  • Château Lamourette 2010 – Sweet Treat Sauternes – £16.99
  • Krohn Colheita 1999 – Posh Tawny Port – £34.99
  • Taylors 1985 – Really Posh Port – £85
  • King’ s Ginger – Real Royal Liqueur – £23.99
  • Foxdenton Christmas Liqueur – If Mince Pies Were A Drink – £20
  • Foxdenton Sloe Gin – The Classic – £24.99
  • Foxdenton Rhubarb Gin – The Pink – £14.99
  • Eclectic – The House Gin – £35
  • Hepple – Alex’s Favourite Gin – £38
  • Renegade – Battersea Park Hand Crafted Gin – £38
  • Bloody Bens – Garratt Lane Gin – £38
  • Fabuloso – Alex’s Dad’s Favourite Spanish Brandy – £20
  • Delamain XO – Wayne’s Cognac – £97
  • Saliza Amaretto – Proper Kit – £27.99
  • Kummel – For The Golfers – £20.99
  • Berto Bitter – Not Campari or Aperol, In The Middle Somewhere – £21.49
  • Evan Williams – The Best Black Label Whisky from the USA – £31.50
  • Blanton’ s – The Original Single Barrel Bourbon – £57.99
  • Benromach 10 year old – Speyside Charmer – £40
  • Benromach 15 year old – Its Elder Brother – £60
  • Benromach 2011 – Finished in Sassicaia Barrels – £48
  • Bunnahabhain 11 year old – From a Sherry Cask – £50
  • Caol Ila 13 year old – Peaty… – £50
  • Finlaggan – Smoky Islay – £36
  • Ledaig 12 year old – From Mull, Proper Bonfire Business – £50
  • Mary Queen Of Scots – Blend of Twelve 12 year old Single Malts – £35
  • Strathmill 2002 – From Keith…. – £50
  • Mince Pies
  • Quality Street
  • Celebrations

That’s over 30 different tipples to taste – if you try them all and that’s still not enough, we’ll buy you a beer!

What?  Over?  Did you say “over”?

I know we told you last time but here is a reminder of our opening hours over the next two weeks:

SATURDAY 21st DECEMBER                                              10AM – 8PM

SUNDAY 22nd DECEMBER                                                 11AM – 3PM

MONDAY 23rd DECEMBER                                                            11AM – 8PM

TUESDAY 24th DECEMBER                                                            10AM – 5PM

WEDNESDAY 25th – FRIDAY 27th DECEMBER               CLOSED

SATURDAY 28th DECEMBER                                             12PM – 6PM

SUNDAY 29th DECEMBER                                                 CLOSED

MONDAY 30th DECEMBER                                                            11AM – 8PM

TUESDAY 31st DECEMBER                                                 11AM – 6PM

WEDNESDAY 1st – MONDAY 6th JANUARY                     CLOSED

TUESDAY 7th JANUARY – BACK TO NORMAL                11AM – 8PM

What more to add?  Trump will face the senate, Boris picks up where he left off, Ben Stokes becomes SPOTY and Tottenham just pip Arsenal in the Overall Premier League Table of the Decade on points per game – 0.002 points to be exact.  Close, Wayne, but you know that saying about cigars….

And now it is over.  Have a very Merry Christmas, a joyous New Year and don’t be tempted to give up for January!!

Over and out!

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