The one about Data Protection Laws….

Fellow Wine Lovers,

I’m sure you have heard that data protection laws are changing from 28th May 2018 and this will affect how all businesses hold and use customers email addresses.

As you know, we regularly send you Park Vintners Weekly Wine – as a consequence of this law change, it will be necessary for you to opt in again to our communications moving forwards.

All businesses, including Park Vintners, will have to update their database and effectively create new lists of “subscribed/legal” users.

To do this, all of our email’s from now until late May will have a reminder that asks whether you want to “want to keep hearing from us”.

Please do send us an email in reply to stay subscribed.

This will ensure you’re kept up to date with all of our usual nonsense the information we send out.

You will no longer hear from us after 28th May 2018 if you haven’t.

Thank you for your time – now, on with the show…

Easter has passed, we’re all back on the things we were off for lent (very royal ‘we’ since Wayne never gives up anything!) and this weekend is sports-tastic.

First up, the Commonwealth games snuck up on us. Seemingly it snuck up on the Brownlee brothers too who were caught napping and undertrained for the running bit of their triathlon. It was a bit alarming for the podium band too as it seemed they hadn’t practiced enough national anthems!

It’s the Bahrain Grand Prix this weekend too, Sebastian Vettel won the first race and indeed this race last year, so it should be interesting to see how the floodlight event pans out. Will Lewis channel his frustrations into a winning strategy and will Bottas manage to stay on the track? It’s all there for the viewing.

Augusta National is apparently in fine shape as we move into the Masters. The battle for the Green Jacket includes Tiger Woods for the first time in three years, and Wayne is hoping all the focus on him may just allow Rory McIlroy to sneak in. I don’t know what he was thinking with his way out January email predictions. Alex is going for Rickie Fowler, more for tradition than anything else, but you never know!

In real sports, it’s the Paris-Roubaix bike race, also known as The Hell of the North. Looks like a relatively short flat race but just remember if anyone asks you to ride the 257km route, the only sensible answer is “Non”. There are 29 sections of energy sapping, tooth rattling cobbles covering a distance of 54.5km. Peter Sagan looks to be the bookies favourite, followed by last year’s winner Greg van Avermaet. We thought Luke Rowe was looking pretty good last week before his disqualification but it’s still early in his comeback from a broken leg, so keep an eye on Belgian cyclocross man Wout van Aert.

If you’re reading this in Beijing, that Napa Cabernet Sauvignon you regularly enjoy with that USDA pork chop just got way more expensive as Trumpolina and Mr Xi engage in silly trade tariff nonsense. A negotiating table looms in the not too distant future we suspect but, in the meantime, try something local.

Tasting This Weekend

We’ll fill the white corner with a bottle of the Barton Blanc 2015 (£8.99), a cracking blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc and Semillon from down in Walker Bay, South Africa. Alex spoke to Annie this week and it seems there has finally been some proper rain in the last few days, so hopefully that’ll serve to take the edge of the drought. This will quench our thirsts in the interim.

In the red corner we will have Feudo Antico Montepulciano d’Abruzzo 2014 (£12.49), a full-bodied, cherry fruited, sappy little number with a touch of smoke in there too and just the thing to partner a rich ragù after a wet and windy Paris-Roubaix!

That’s all from us – please do let us know if you want to keep on receiving these missives as soon as possible so we can keep you on the list.


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