#ShopRioja and talking cod

Fellow Wine Lovers,

What a week, eh? Conservative party conference whizzed by with all the hot air providing temporary localised warming over Birmingham.

UKIP’s new leader lasted a record breaking 18 days which suggests they could be the most difficult employer, even with strong challenges from both the Aston Villa and England football teams.

The real news this week though features a bit of most of the above. It seems that Cod speak with regional accents. On top of this, it seems that scientists at the University of Exeter are concerned for the future of the species. As global warming makes Cod head further north, there is confusion amongst cod, with males unable to ‘chat up’ females because of regional dialect.

The soft burr of Norfolk cod is almost unintelligible to those cod from Sunderland, whilst the fun loving cod from the Irish Sea are really struggling to understand the dark sense of humour of the Icelandic cod.

Full story here:


Shop Rioja

This month we’ve had a chat with the lovely folk from Rioja Wine UK to join in with their “ShopRioja” campaign.

Vines have been grown here in the Cantabrian mountains forever it seems, with documentary records going back as far as 873 AD. Rioja was first legally recognised for wine production by the King of Navarra and Aragon in the 12th Century and documents indicate exports in the 13th century. Everyone got on with it, exporting, drinking, improving their lot, and then in 1926 the Consejo Regulador was founded to limit the production area, control the quality, and use of the name Rioja, a fine job that they do to this day.

Being as on the ball and newsworthy as ever, we thought we should investigate what all the fuss was about. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll taste and talk about the wines from Spain’s Rioja region. So come in and join us, we have some freebies and all sorts of stuff going on!

Time Out #LoveLondonAwards

You’ve all been lovely nominating us, we’ve made the shortlist, and now we’d really like to win. If you could take a second or two out of your schedule before the 31st October and vote for us we’d be eternally grateful. To make it even easier here is the link:


I know we sound a bit needy, but thanks very much indeed!

Tasting this weekend

Well having banged on about ShopRioja we feel duty obliged to open some.

We shall populate the white corner with: Valenciso Blanco 2014, Rioja, Spain (£19.99) – A blend of 70% Viura and 30% Garnacha Blanca fermented and then aged for 9 months in Russian oak barrels.  Complex aromas combining pretty, floral characters with preserved lemon, truffle and smoky notes.  The palate is broad and well integrated with nuts and stone fruit characters.  Fresh candied peel, minerality and crisp citrus acidity on the finish.

Whilst wearing the red trousers will be Torres Altos Ibericos Parcelas de Graciano 2011, Rioja, Spain (£14.99) a relatively rare beast of a Rioja being made from just the Graciano grape variety. Dark coloured and rounded on the palate with blackberry fruit character and a balsamic note that’ll be marvellous with some lamb.

It’s a grape variety we are both really rather fond of so come in have a taste and see what’s washing down our Sunday lunch!

I think that’ll be us this week.


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