Wine, Whisky and Wandering

Fellow Wine Lovers,

This week we found ourselves wielding the Oystercard and heading into town for a spot of wine tasting. We started off in the remarkably building site-like Victoria, a place of barriers and no shortcuts. After walking for 10 minutes to get to an address about 55 metres away we congratulated our chum Jeremy on becoming one of the UK’s new Masters of Wine and got down to the serious business of tasting some wine.

A few sniffs here, swirls there, with judicious use of the spittoon soon found us on our travels again. We bumped into a chum from the north and established summer trading is similar regardless of which part of London you frequent. Before we could say Jiminy Cricket we found ourselves in Shoreditch.

Slightly worried we’d be caught wearing the wrong beard, or sporting jeans that were way too wide in the leg, we were pleased to receive a warm welcome and recognise a few friendly faces at the next tasting. Less Bordeaux and Burgundy here, we found ourselves on the receiving end of Italian and Spanish flavours here, with just a dab of Australia to keep us focused. Notes were taken, asterisks marked in books, and wintery wines mentally ordered.

Back in the shop we compared notes, ate a rather late sandwich for lunch, and then had a meeting with Ed, our main man on the whisky front.  No tasting this time but we had a great chat, he’s a good chap and knows loads about whisky.

Suffice to say we shall be hosting our first ever whisky tasting. Ed will be the talent, taking us on a virtual tour of Scotland by the power of whisky. More below…

Tasting Events This Quarter

Thursday 6th October At 8pm – Wine & Cheese Tasting – £20 Per Person

Thursday 10th November At 8pm – Wine & Cheese Tasting – £20 Per Person

Wednesday 23rd November 2016 At 8pm – Whisky Masterclass– £20 Per Person

Thursday 1st December At 8pm – Christmas Fizz Tasting – £30 Per Person

Wednesday 7th December At 8pm – Christmas Wine & Cheese Tasting – £20 Per Person

Time Out Love London Awards

Last year we were lucky enough to win as your favourite shop in Wimbledon. We’d really like to win again so if we could persuade you to nominate us on this link we’d be really grateful. If, on reflection, you prefer the Lingerie or Stationary shops we promise not to sulk!

Early close tonight

As we mentioned in last week’s email we’ll be closing a little early this evening (at 7pm) as we are conducting a tasting at Pearson Cycles in Sheen.

Tasting This Weekend

Despite the special celebratory nature of this week, we’ve resisted the opportunity to open that Romulan Ale, and sadly have no 1966 Chateau Picard to pour for you.

We have instead decided to mark La Vuelta by opening Val Do Xuliana Albarino (£12.49) a classic crisp Albarino with tangy mandarin fruit that’ll be perfect with those scallops from the farmers market.

Over in the red department, we’ll open a Portugueser that goes by the name of Doural Tinto (£10.49) and hails from the Douro region. A smidge lighter than some from the area, it is a soft, fresh, berry flavoured number with just a hint of spice about it.

Scotty, beam us up!

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