Happy Place, Olympics, Riesling and Tempranillo

Fellow Wine Lovers,

As I write, I am imagining you all squinting to read this, trying to make sense of our latest missive under the glare of a warm sun. Possibly even wishing the phone screen wasn’t quite so reflective.

Whilst you’ve been away I’ve learnt the names of your colleagues, and who to escalate to should I need to. I’ve discovered quicker journey times, seen less people on my morning run, and watched the Olympics late enough into the night, that I feel a little jet-lagged.

We’ve had great news from the Olympics as Team GB haul in medals from the most unexpected places as well as the more usual ones. Best news of all though for this chap from Essex, is that his hometown has been voted the happiest place in the country to live. Leigh-on-Sea came top of this year’s Rightmove study with Troon in 2nd place and Harrogate in 3rd. For those of you who don’t know, Leigh-on-Sea is at the seaside end of the Thames (clues in the name!) about 3 miles before you get to Southend. That’s enough of a plug… you can take the boy out of Essex eh?

Elsewhere in the news Southern Rail continued its domination of the headlines with a ceiling panel falling down on to commuters.

The government’s plan to tackle childhood obesity seems to be rather toothless, especially when you consider that even the CEO of Sainsbury’s doesn’t think it goes far enough. With so many of the changes voluntary, you would be forgiven for thinking it was written by food industry lobbyists.

In an interesting move, ITV is shutting down all channels for an hour at 9.30am on 27th August as part of their I Am Team GB celebrations. So if you come across a test card that says “We’ve gone running – why don’t you join us?” you’ll know what to do.

Normally I’m out on my bike then, so I’m hoping to catch it on demand later.

Congratulations to all the students receiving their A-level results this week. I know most of them shouldn’t be reading this, but please Mum & Dad, do convey our congratulations. It might have been back in black & white when we received our exam results but it seems like only yesterday.

Lastly, if it was difficult enough to decide what to watch on TV, the Vuelta a España starts this weekend. The 21 stage tour stays mostly in the north this year and starts with a team time trial on Saturday. Froome, Contador, Valverde and Quintana are all participating, there are more hills than you can shake a stick at, and the scenery should be beautiful. Who’s in?

Last Orders

Three places left for Wine School. It costs £150 each, starts 8pm 28th September. Ding Ding!

Tasting this weekend

Are we here already? I was just getting into the swing of it. The white corner this week will be inhabited by Max Ferd. Richter ‘Zeppelin’ Mülheimer Sonnenlay Riesling 2014 (£12.99). Wines from this vineyard were served in the luxurious restaurant of the Zeppelin airships in the 1920’s and 1930’s and have been served at state functions at Buckingham Palace, so if it’s good enough for Her Maj…

Squatting rights in the red corner will be claimed this week by Emilio Moro 2013 (£17.99) a delicious drop of Tempranillo from Ribera del Duero. Seems rude not to, what with La Vuelta and all!

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