Panama, Rioja and Little Bird Gin

Fellow Wine Lovers,

What a week we’ve had. Sunshine and rain has been passing us by with regular intervals, neither of us knows what to wear, should we open the door, put a sweater on, open a window, or just carry on reading some more of these 11 million documents!

We’ve been reflecting on how technology can be a force for both good and bad. If you’re a whistle-blower, fitting 11 million documents on a flash drive is considerable easier to get away with than several trolleys loaded with filing cabinets.  So there we have a force for good. If you’re engaged in nefarious asset hiding with your old mate Mo Fonseca then that flash drive is less good.

Rufus has been in a bit of a fug this week. With it being half term, he’s not been at work as much as usual, and Alex caught him on the smartphone the other day furiously swiping right. A bit of doggy dating it wasn’t though, he was just diverting a journalist’s calls. Poor Rufus had been terrified his name would be leaked as a beneficiary in the Boneyard Trust his father had set up, but has now ‘fessed up in the hope that his Luxembourg Winalot holdings will remain a secret.

In an entirely coincidental manner we tasted a delicious rum from Panama this week, we’re investigating the possibility of buying some and bringing it on-shore, so do watch this space!


Saturday sees the Grand National with a new even later start time of 5.15pm. The pundits seem to like last year’s winner Many Clouds to do a RedRum and repeat the feat. We’re not so sure, Red Rum was a bit special. Wayne suggests a small each way on The Romford Pele (about 50/1 at writing) but his tips have been rubbish so far this year. Alex has been talking about Rickie Fowler but that might be in the golf!

Birds – A flock of Little Birds arrived this week.

Little Bird Gin (£33.99) is our very latest discovery. A London Dry Gin from Peckham , so definitely a South London beverage. We loved the grapefruit citrus edge to the properly dry juniper flavours.

Laura from Little Bird reckons it makes the perfect Negroni, which we suspect is her favourite cocktail, given that an unsatisfactory Negroni was what sent her and Tim into the gin business in the first place!

Wines – Tasting for the weekend

We have managed to lay our hands on a small parcel of mature Rioja. Mentoste Gran Reserva 1995 (£22.99) is at the peak of its powers right now, fully resolved and rounded and frankly really rather tasty. When it’s gone….

In the white end of the spectrum we’ll open Seifried Riesling 2014 (£13.99), a really rather delicious little number from Nelson, New Zealand. We think its zippy freshness and stonefruit flavours will be pitch perfect with some sushi and vegetable tempura.

This Evening early close

Apologies folks, but we will be closing at 7pm this evening as we are doing a private tasting off-site.  If you’d like us to come to you and do a tasting at your house just pop in and have a chat with us.

Have a great weekend one and all!

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