Celebrate the fact that February has arrived and we no longer need to be abstemious!

Fellow Wine Lovers,

Thank God that’s over.  January doesn’t make anybody happy.  Except, perhaps, the taxman who takes his pounds of flesh both on a personal level, on a VAT level and on a corporation level.  Any money we earnt in December we got to look at in the account for just over 3 weeks, and then we sent it all off to HMRC.

So, yes, we dislike January.  It sucks any of the remaining festive joy from us, it’s cold and dark and hugely underwhelming.  Even people with birthdays in the month are embarrassed and ashamed of January – how many picnics, barbecues, beach parties or weekends-away did you get invited to last month?  My point exactly.

But February’s cool.  Released from the arbitrary detention of the first 31 days of the year, we emerge into the bright lights of the next 29 to see that there is more to life than Ecuadorean telenovelas, guinea pig for breakfast, lunch and dinner and Pilsener.  It feels like life has restarted.  Having a glass of wine midweek is no longer verboten, the gym is no longer your second home and stoically eating healthily (kale?) is done with.

With this in mind, might we suggest beer?

It may be a tenuous connection but a competition known as the Six Nations starts this weekend.  It involves people playing rugby against one another whilst a few million other people watch them on television, usually whilst drinking beer.  And here’s where we can be of assistance.  It’s only been a week but already we miss the 6 for 5 deal.  So, as a consolation we have decided to do a mini offer.

The Park Brewery Killcat Pale Ale (3.9%) and Rocky Head Brewery Session Ale (4%) will be available at a discount of 16.66% off six (mixable) whilst stocks last.  The Killcat (£2.59) is a refreshing pale ale with the hoppiness and punch of an IPA but without the high ABV.  The Session (£2.50) is brewed for easy drinking but with the hop punch of an IPA.  Similar beers, brewed locally, easy on the alcohol – perfect for the rugby and indeed for any other pastime where beer might help oil the wheels!

For those of you less than interested in oval ball sports drinks, might we suggest wine?

We’ve been having a few late openings of late, all due to our visiting various supplier tastings with a view to refreshing or adding to our range.  These late starts have not been in vain though and we’ll open a couple of our new arrivals tonight and tomorrow.

Vivir Sin Dormir 2014, Jumilla, Spain (£11.99) 100% Monastrell.  100% Organic.  A real favourite of ours, Monastrell.  We have always enjoyed but hadn’t had one we thought fitted the bill until last week when we tasted this.  Monastrell is very much the main grape in Jumilla which is inland, west of Alicante.  Enormously appealing ripe red and spicy black fruits abound, with just a gentle grip of tannin.  Fabulous finish and a typically Spanish red – works with all manner of food choices as well as being fantastic on its own!

Greywacke Wild Sauvignon 2013 (£25.99) we have been meaning to taste this wine from Kevin Judd for a while now.  Barrel fermented using wild yeasts this is an intricate Sauvignon Blanc with fabulous texture and a lingering savoury finish.  We didn’t write a huge, long tasting note when we tried it – very elegant, two ticks – which is short but says everything it needs to say, we reckon!

So, come by and try some wine and buy some beer and celebrate the fact that February has arrived and we no longer need to be abstemious!

Hang about, doesn’t Lent start next week…

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