Bond Bollinger Bubbles

Fellow Wine Lovers,

Mr Bond, we’ve been expecting you…

Rumour has it that this phrase is never really uttered in any of the Bond movies but we don’t like spreading rumours, so we are going to assume that it is in common usage amongst Bond villains for the sake of this email.

Now that we are in October, we are finally released from the terms of the 1,000 page Non-Disclosure Agreement that we had to sign in order to be allowed to sell the Limited Edition Bollinger for Bond, known as ‘Spectre Limited Edition’.  This was launched officially on October 1st in anticipation of the Royal Premiere and Global release of Spectre, which will take place in London on Monday 26th October.

In language more MI6 than SW19, we were told in no uncertain terms that we needed to be very aware that the product could not be sold or discussed with anyone until after the 1st October – we were definitely given the feeling that EON (the producers of the film) would send the boys round, quick as you like, if we breathed a word.  So we didn’t, but now we can.

Bollinger has had an exclusive partnership since Moonraker in 1979 and has actually appeared in 13 of the films since Live and Let Die in 1973.  From a book perspective it was actually first mentioned by Mr Fleming in his 1956 novel Diamonds are Forever.  So a 40 year relationship that just seems to be getting stronger and stronger and to celebrate this relationship we will be getting our hands on some of the limited edition release.

The 2009 vintage Bollinger has been dedicated to the Bond Limited release only. 

According to the press release it is

sourced exclusively from Grand Crus, it is a blend of 68% Pinot Noir (39% from Ay and 29% from Verzenay) and 32% Chardonnay (16% Mesnil-sur-Oger, 8% Avize and 8% Cramant) matured for twice as long as stipulated in the Appellation rules.

As a final touch it arrives encased in a sleek Carré Basset designed black cool-box with embossed silver Bollinger and 007 branding. The exterior is designed to mimic the texture of the gun grip on 007’s Walther PPK, whilst the insulated interior will keep the bottle chilled for up to two hours once removed from the fridge.’

According to Wayne

‘The sublime 2009 vintage Bollinger is boxed up in a fancy pants box that reminds me of a tuxedo and gift bag and is for sale for £125 in exclusive establishments with close connections to Her Majesty’s Secret Service’

So there you have it – we’ve attached some pretty pictures and the fiche technique to tantalise your taste buds – if you would like a bottle for yourself, for your other half, for Christmas or just for the hell of it, let us know and we’ll set one aside for you.


Back in the world we live in, life ticks on.  Studiously avoiding the subjects of Rugby and Arsenal we have found ourselves talking about wine and cheese for the most part this week.  Safer territory for both of us.  We’re doing a Rioja/Spain focused Wine & Cheese evening here in the shop of Thursday 15th October, as part of our involvement with Shop Rioja, during the month of October.  We’re trying to find a cheese from Rioja, we know there is certainly one but it’s a question of where we can get it – failing that we’ll have to focus on Rioja wines and cheese from other parts.

Either way, it’ll be a top night and a great opportunity to enjoy the differences between Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva whilst munching on fine cheese and pouring crumbs down your front.


And finally, wines on tasting today and tomorrow. 

We will be opening our new Malbec – Angulo Innocenti 2012 (£17.59) from La Consulta, Mendoza – a reasonably neutral selection, since we don’t believe Argentina will win the World Cup.

And for the white we will be visiting South Africa, Robertson in fact, and opening Fram Chardonnay 2014 (£12.99) – a reasonably neutral selection, since we don’t believe South Africa wi….

Park Vintners will be back.


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