Wine School, Wine and Cheese Tasting, Chocolate Block and Greece

Fellow Wine Lovers,

Here at Park Vintners Towers we occasionally find ourselves looking at the world in amazement, wondering if we’re a little odd. This week would be a good case in point with two stories catching our attention.

The first one, which we would perhaps consider a cautionary tale, revolves around the concept of knowing one’s place, and we’re not sure that many of the protagonists in this episode actually did.

Let me explain… there’s a big company who are a bit involved in the business of news and entertainment and they discover that there has been a bit of a ‘fracas’ involving “The Talent” and a member of “The Crew” whilst filming one of the more successful shows. Torn between the reporting instinct to tell the story on the one hand, and duty to staff on the other an enquiry is launched whilst all other news outlets run amok, unable to hide the fun they’re having.

In truth, we find ourselves amazed that “Man punches colleague, gets sacked” has managed to make so many front pages and garner so many column inches, let alone get a million signatures on a petition!

The second story, and this has kept a puzzled expression on Wayne’s face all week, is Richard III.
A skeleton is dug up in a car park in Leicester, confirmed as Richard III (dental records we’re guessing, certainly no passport or fingerprints). It is then kept in a laboratory for 2 years whilst plans are made.

Whilst he’s in the lab, the 500 year old story that he was a hunchback is refuted, but it turns out that he didn’t have feet (still missing, presumed stolen by Victorians).

This week the plans are unveiled and 20,000 people see the box of bones (some queued for two hours), the bones then go on a road trip to the site of a Battle of Bosworth, where it’s presumed he died. He is then (still without feet) reburied at Leicester Cathedral just a short distance from where he was dug up!

At the ceremony even Sherlock Holmes turned up, we can’t help but wonder if he was there at the behest of distant relatives of the Princes in the Tower.

We just can’t help wondering if the entire story was dreamt up by someone who works at Leicester Tourist office, after all the car park now has a Visitors Centre!

In wine news this week scientists have published a study that suggests the secret to terroir may actually lie in the bacteria around the roots rather than the soil itself. We shall watch this space for further revelations!

Easter Opening Hours

Good Friday 3rd April – 11am – 3pm
Saturday 4th April – 10am – 6pm
Easter Sunday 5th April – Closed
Monday 6th April – Closed
Tuesday 7th April – Normal Hours

Wine School
The new term start on 15th April and runs for six consecutive Wednesdays. We’ll kick off at 8pm and you’ll taste in the region of 60 different wines. £150 per person and full details attached.

Talking of revelations we had a great tasting this week “Off the beaten track” we discussed with a group of customers the merits of Malagousia, the kick of the Kekfrankos and the tingle of the Txakoli. Fun was had by all and the consensus was that there is definitely life beyond Sauvignon or Shiraz.

Cheese and Wine Tasting
The next event in our ever-popular Cheese and Wine tasting series is on 16th April at 8pm. That’s a Thursday night packed with cheesey deliciousness, washed down partnered with some well-chosen wines from our shelves. £20 per person, pop in and book your place.

Something for the weekend?
With the revelation that there is life beyond Sauvignon we’ll grace our white corner with a bottle of Thiasos 2013 (£9.49). A super white wine from the Peloponnese that’s a blend Roditis and Moschofilero, full of sunshine and loveliness.

Whilst we’re toasting the end of winter and saying ‘Au revoir’ to an hour’s sleep we will do so with a glass of The Chocolate Block 2013 (£23.99) in our hands. It’s a tasty blend of rather better known varieties Syrah, Cabernet sauvignon, Grenache, Cinsault and Viognier.

So come along and join us, and get your laughing gear around these two.

And finally…
We’ve not managed to confirm or deny that UKIP have recruited a new candidate for Chipping Norton!

Clocks forward Saturday night folks!

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