Dippy the Dinosaur

Fellow Wine Lovers,
We heard surprising, nay shocking, news this week, and it is with very mixed emotions that we report it. “Dippy”, the resin boned Diplodocus skeleton that has welcomed visitors to the Natural History Museum for the best part of 40 years, is to be given his marching orders. As part of a big shake up, poor old Dippy has become a victim of the search for authenticity.
“Everyone loves ‘Dippy’, but it’s just a copy,” commented Sir Michael Dixon, the NHM’s director, “and what makes this museum special is that we have real objects from the natural world – over 80 million of them – and they enable our scientists and thousands like them from around the world to do real research.”
It’s unlikely it’ll be put out to grass though; there is talk of Dippy going on the road touring regional museums. Currently, it’s not clear if The Science Museum’s robotics division will be involved in this!
The museum will be replacing him with the blue whale skeleton that currently lurks in the mammal room. “Bluey”, who came to the museum in 1891, will be disassembled, scanned and reassembled in Hintze Hall in Dippy’s place. Positioned in a diving pose hanging from the ceiling, I’m sure Bluey will be very impressive.
Also, the scanning process will allow those lucky people with a 3D printer to print their very own whalebones. How cool would a whalebone bench be on the garden terrace, eh?
Who knows we may even be able to get a crystal company to sponsor the exhibit and have the world’s largest, most bling chandelier!
So, whilst we have a great fondness for dinosaurs (just look at Wayne!), we’re looking forward to a change of scene, but will of course raise a glass to Dippy and thank him for all the memories.
Elsewhere, Andy Murray reached the final of the Australian Open which I’m sure has changed the nature of a few peoples plans for Sunday morning. Burns Night last week, Andy Murray this week, we’ve gone Scot-tastic – we’ll be selling whisky next! Finlaggan £29.99 single Islay malt from a secret distillery.
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This Weekends Garglers
Tickling your tonsils this weekend we’re going to start off with a museum release Riesling from Clare Valley. Pauletts Aged Release Riesling 2008 (£18.99) is from the Polish Hill River vineyards and has aged gracefully, picking up some honeyed notes along the way. We reckon its bang on with a spot of Korean barbecue.
In the red corner, we’re heading to another country enjoying their summer. South Africa’s Stellenbosch is the stomping ground for the Helderburg Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 (£13.49). A lovely rich red we’re thinking it will be the ideal partner to all those casseroles we’re contemplating.
Last word this week we will leave the final words to Sir Michael Dixon: “We’re not just nerdy guys who can identify every species of butterfly.”
Wayne & Alex

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