First we had champagne that tasted like cider and now we have coffee that tastes like Guinness.

Fellow Wine Lovers,

Awesome, another reason to love Starbucks and the joy it brings to the world. Not content with selling pretend coffee, pursuing retrospective planning permission and electing not to pay tax, they are now apparently going after Guinness.

Dark Barrel Latte is a drink that tastes like a dark beer but contains no alcohol. Why?

You start with an espresso and add some steamed milk. Then you add caramel and a stout flavoured sauce that apparently tastes like roasted malt. Why not stop at the steamed milk bit I’d suggest – we all like a ristretto.

But no, inspired by the rise in popularity of craft beers, there was a bandwagon to be jumped upon.

It’s being trialled in Ohio and Florida and let’s hope nowhere else.

First we had champagne that tasted like cider and now we have coffee that tastes like Guinness. What next, wine that tastes of peaches – oh hang about, they’ve already done that.

Oh, brother.

Wine and Cheese Evening

We choose four cheeses from our chums at Norbiton cheese, match half a dozen wines with them, have a group of you round the table and discuss the merits of our choices. If this sounds like fun why not join us Thursday 16th October at 8pm. £20 per person.

Wines of Chile

Our focus on Chilean delights draws to a close this weekend. The development and change we have witnessed in Chile over the past few years has been truly exciting for us and we hope we’ve been able to share that excitement with you. So pop in have a glance over the map, and a taste of…

Adobe Reserva Gewurztraminer 2013, Rapel Valley (£9.49) – Once upon a time Alex mentioned that we’d been kissing the wrong frogs on the fragrant variety front in Chile and found ourselves somewhat underwhelmed. Being tenacious chaps we didn’t give up though, and one day this appeared in our glass. Floral aromas with a splash of lychee perhaps, lead into a soft fruity palate with a touch of spice and a nice clean finish. For a fairy-tale food match I’d suggest smoked haddock with some mustard mash!

Perez Cruz Cot 2012, Maipo Valley (£17.99) – Perez Cruz is a family run estate in Maipo Andes, the foothills of the Andes between 1450-1700 feet elevation. “Cot” is the old French name for Malbec once integral to pre-phylloxera Bordeaux, and firmly rooted in Cahors. While the variety has found a happy home in Argentina, this example shows real vibrancy with power and elegance, cassis and raspberry aromas which are joined on the palate with a touch of spice and savoury finish.

And Finally…

The (Glen) eagle-eyed amongst you may notice the absence of a certain bearded wine merchant this weekend. It’s not because he played a blinder in the Ryder Cup qualifiers, or even that he is sitting in the stand watching with the ticket he bought just in case he didn’t qualify. Alex is helping to celebrate a wedding in deepest darkest Kent so you’ll have to put up with me this weekend.

Pop in taste something Chilean, we’ll raise a glass to the happy couple and not mention the golf!

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