Jo Pavey, Chopper, Woodstock and Aragonez

Fellow Wine Lovers,

I knew it was going to be a slow news week when our wine news provider sent a story entitled “10 weird ways to open a bottle”. Being August it’s been a slow everything week with the exception of my commute from Balham. No traffic to speak of makes my short cycle whizz past even quicker, I have to go the long way just to keep it interesting!

Anyway, most of the ways weren’t weird at all, pushing the cork into the bottle when you forgot the corkscrew at a picnic, we’ve all done that I’m sure. The weird bit was taking a toothbrush to a picnic and using that to push the cork in. Do people really take toothbrushes to a picnic? I’m not talking about a camping trip, I’d hope we all take a toothbrush then; maybe I’m the odd one not brushing after my scotch egg in the park.

It’s been a good week for sport with the English ladies making it to the World Cup final in the rugby, Mo Farah finding his mojo again in the 10k, and Mark Cavendish back in the saddle at the Tour de l’Ain.

Performance of the week though must surely be Jo Pavey absolutely bossing the 10k at the European Championships just weeks before her 41st birthday. Inspiring.

The premiership kicks off this weekend with lots of shiny new players to watch and even a few new managers for the ‘good team performance’ slot on MOTD, while in what must be surely an unassailable new record, we note that Crystal Palace have parted company with their manager less than 48 hours before the first ball was kicked. Not inspiring.

In other news, Raleigh are releasing a limited edition Chopper this year. Sure to be top of the kids’ requests to Father Christmas this year, the picture I saw it looked like it had been given an F1 Lotus paintjob circa Emmerson Fittipaldi’s era!

Finally, following on from last week’s history notes, I’d just mention that 45 years ago today Richie Havens was the opening act at Woodstock.

Wine this Weekend
Following on from Alex’s Spanish Fiesta last weekend, I’m staying on the Iberian Peninsula and plumping for Ciconia Tinto (£9.99) which hails from Alentejo in Portugal. A winning blend of Touriga Nacional, Syrah and Aragonez (Tempranillo in Spanish!) it is rich and rounded and just the thing to go with a last day purchase from the butcher.
On the white front we’re going with Percheron Chenin Blanc/Viognier (£8.19) a summery white from old bush vines in South Africa. Good fruit and a nice weight make it a good all-rounder really, but it is particularly good with cold chicken.
Both come with a screwcap so if you’re off on a picnic you won’t need the toothbrush!

Until next week,

Nanu nanu.

Wayne & Alex

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