Don’t think of it necessarily as a vote for Park Vintners, think of it as a way of getting Wayne back into his Dinner Jacket and spats…

Fellow Wine Lovers,

They’re liars, the lot of them. Spinning webs of deceit and misdirection. I can confirm that the rain in Spain does not fall mainly on the plain. It falls mainly on the second tee at La Quinta golf course which to all intents and purposes is a mountain. Not a plain. We woz mugged.

Anyway, that’s in the past now, although I did bring you all back a souvenir:

Saturday, humid with some heavy and thundery rain. Mostly dry and fresher on Sunday then perhaps some further thundery rain overnight followed by showers on Monday (BBC Weather)

No thanks necessary.

We have a packed sporting calendar this weekend, commencing with Wayne’s early Saturday morning cycle all over Box Hill. Whilst he is completing this challenge, the saner amongst us will be tucking into a bacon sandwich and a latte in front of the box watching the first rugby test as England thump the Kiwi’s in their own backyard. Well, the sarnie and the coffee are certainly a possibility…

French Open tennis will be going on all weekend, the Men’s final I suspect will not be Murray-Gulbis, but as I write, anything could still happen.
And then, once the rain has finally given way to the hail, we have the Derby. Currently the going is good, and on that basis we are tipping EBANORAN and TRUE STORY. However if the weather does what it threatens to do, we are tipping the Irish horse with the longest legs!
Looking further ahead, we are going to win the Football World Cup in Brazil – FACT.

We are also feeling a trifle concerned at the lack of suitable wicket keeping cover in our Test side, considering the incumbent is just now returning from Achilles injury, but what do we know…

We know about wine, that’s what we know, so more about that now.
It may be hell and high-water tomorrow but let’s seize this sunny Friday. We haven’t opened our best-selling Rosé yet this year, so today would seem the perfect opportunity. Chateau de L’Aumerade ‘Cuvée Marie-Christine’ Rosé Cru Classé 2013, Côtes de Provence, France – £13.99 is a 400 year old vineyard in the heart of Provence. Its red soils are rich in minerals, giving it an edge on the quality stakes amongst its neighbours. This edge was recognised in 1950 when the estate was designated “Cru Classé”. A lovely pale salmon colour, it is indeed cracking stuff with delicate red berry fruits, slightly floral with a touch of minerality and an impressively long finish. We think it is the perfect wine for summer, great with all manner of foods, great without! Plus, as it’s sunny, we can offer you all 10% off a box of six, I know, summer madness!

We will also crack open our new red wine from the Toro region in Spain. This is another region where it shouldn’t rain very much (around 350-400 mm per annum) and the wine is made from 50 year old Tempranillo vines, known locally as Tinta de Toro. Following a 100 day recline in oak barrels the wine is sloshed into bottles, labelled up and then sent to us.

It’s called Cien Roble 2012, Toro, Spain – £9.49 and it’s darn delicious; if you don’t believe me then I’m more than happy to have your glass!

It’s International Sherry Week this week and there’s a bottle of Fernando de Castilla Oloroso – £14.99 open, just to show how international and sherry-tastic we are.

Something you may not know about Wayne is that he is a sucker for Awards Ceremonies, canapés, glad-handing and above all, small talk. The past two years we have entered the Time & Leisure Food and Drink Awards with success on both occasions – if we are still tantalising your taste buds and offering you superb customer service then please vote with your fingers at:

Don’t think of it necessarily as a vote for Park Vintners, think of it as a way of getting Wayne back into his Dinner Jacket and spats…
D-Day today, blanket media coverage of events will never, ever do justice to what was achieved or how lucky we are.

Over and out.

Wayne & Alex

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