Sunshine and New Wine

Fellow Wine Lovers,

Going to cheat a bit this week by reviewing last week’s email and assessing the impact.


The weather seems to have listened to our demands, at least in the short term, and has voted to continue with sunshine over the weekend by all accounts.  No need to thank me.


We all lost our pound on Sunderland last weekend in the League Cup but for the first half it looked like we could be millionaires.  We have however invested another pound on Vino Griego at 100-1 in the Cheltenham Gold Cup next week – as you can imagine this selection wasn’t made looking at a form card.  Elsewhere we have beaten the great Danes at football, blown away the Windies in the cricket and look forward to harpooning some Wales on Sunday…


Now That’s What I Call Music seems to have tweaked some interest amongst you last week.  One customer was disappointed to find us listening to the rugby on Saturday – he was keen to catch up on some Kajagoogoo – whilst Belinda Carlisle found herself quickly dumped into Room 101.  This week Cat Stevens seems to have gone down well on Tuesday and Astrud Gilberto made us all smile in the sunshine today.  Expression of the week: Wayne’s face when my daughter asked him to put on some One Direction, which was swiftly followed by mutterings of ‘we’re not running a democracy here, luv!’

Currently playing Bryter Layter by Nick Drake, in the hope that we might be…

International News

The Sherry tasting in May has now completely SOLD OUT.  This is as far as I’m going with international news, the situation in Ukraine not being something to be flippant about.

This week in brief

We have had an absolutely brilliant week this week.  Having been to all sorts of tastings over the last month or so, we have finally managed to get some of the wines we tried on the shelves and very excited about it we are too.  Now, I’m not going to write descriptions about each wine here but I will give you a list of all the new wines to whet your appetites:

Castanzu Vermentino 2012, Sardegna, Italy                £8.49

Centopassi Rosso 2012, Sicily, Italy  £12.99

Domaine Singla ‘La Crinyane’ 2009, Côtes du Roussillon Villages, France             £23.99

False Bay Shiraz 2012, Western Cape, South Africa                £8.49

Gran Passione Rosso 2012, Veneto, Italy       £12.99

Johanneshof Reinisch St. Laurent 2011, Thermenregion, Austria                  £17.99

Le Ciel Vide 2011, Côtes du Roussillon, France          £10.49

Le Maudit 2011, Côtes du Roussillon, France              £15.99

Marktree Semillon/Sauvignon 2012, Western Australia       £8.29

Marktree Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, South Eastern Australia           £8.29

Motus 2011, Côtes du Roussillon, France       £16.99

Muscat de Rivesaltes 2011, France     £11.99

One Block Grenache 2011, Côtes Catalanes, France £11.99

Rio Cassero Brunello di Montalcino 2008, Tuscany, Italy  £29.49

Salcheto Chianti Colli Senese 2012, Tuscany, Italy   £11.49

Tamboerskloof Viognier 2013, Stellenbosch, South Africa £17.99

Three Peaks 2010, Côtes du Roussillon, France         £12.99

Tornai Zenit 2012, Somlo, Hungary  £10.59

Valenciso Blanco 2012, Rioja, Spain                £19.99

So there you have it, the fruits of our labours – our tongues went black and our teeth fell out but we were more than happy to do so to get these top drops in the shop!

As a consequence we will have a couple of bottles open today and tomorrow – I think we will carry on with our Italian theme from last week and try the Castanzu Vermentino 2012 and the Gran Passione Rosso 2012.  If all goes according to plan we might also have a bottle of the new vintage (2009) of the Tamboerskloof Syrah open, should anyone be interested.

Sunshine this weekend, rosé’s in the fridge ready, form an orderly queue…

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