Spain, Spain, Spain…

Fellow Wine Lovers,

So there’s been controversy in Germany as the USA has allegedly been spying on Mrs Merkel. Call me old fashioned but I grew up expecting that kind of thing to be happening in Berlin. Does nobody read John Le Carré anymore?

We’ve been up to our eyeballs in tastings these last few weeks and this week saw us finish term in our Wine School, next term starts late January, watch this space!

We also had a lovely group in for our Spanish Cheese & Wine Tasting. We chomped on fine cheeses from around Spain, partnered them with an eclectic selection of wines (also from Spain), pondered on the merits of wine, cheese and the universe and generally had a good time.

Forthcoming Tastings

We still some space left on the Champagne & Sparkling Tasting 27th November 8pm at £25 per person.

Two places left on the Bordeaux Tasting with Jeremy which is the 14th November at 8pm priced at £15 per person.


I’m really not sure why I thought of this but should you be on the cusp (or indeed have been in St James’ this week) of becoming a godparent we have just the thing for you!

2011 Warre’s Vintage Port – £62 – “Sweet, warm and mellow, with fresh pure blackberry and black cherry fruit, yet fresh with amazing purity, concentration and depth. Seductive and compelling. Score: 94–96/100” Jamie Goode,

Tasting This Weekend

As you may have gleaned from the intro we’re all about Spain this week. Alex has had chick peas for lunch, Wayne’s had chorizo with his scrambled eggs, and you folk are having Campos de Celtas 2011 Albariño (£12.99) in your white glass, Mentoste Rioja Reserva 2001 (£13.99) in your red glass, and for good measure we’ll open a sherry in the form of El Maestro Sierra’s Oloroso (£9.99 37.5cl) which is from a 15 year old Solera system.

A plea from Alex on behalf of Wayne…

Being consummately unprofessional as you know by now, we are adding a personal request into what should be a work email.  Sorry in advance, but hopefully one of you might be able to help.

We’re running the London Marathon next year.  Clearly the plea should be along the lines of ‘please take us out and shoot us now!’, but it’s not.

Alex has a place already, so is definitely running next April.  Wayne however, in spite of the fact that he has applied regularly over the years, currently has no place.  He hoped to run for the Stroke Association but they let him down earlier this week.  Another charity close to his mum in Essex also was unable to give him a place.

Right now he is happy to run and raise money for anyone who will have him since he is very keen to run next year because:

a)     He wants to do it whilst he believes he can still run that far

b)     He wants to do it before he’s old enough to be specially interviewed as ‘a plucky pensioner

c)      He wants to beat Alex, in public, on TV

d)     Once it’s done he doesn’t have to do it again so he can return to falling off his bike into puddles!

So if anyone has a pet charity, works for a charity, has a place they don’t want to use, has any sensible suggestions as to how he might get in then that would be really helpful and he will love you forever, or not if that’s what you’d prefer…

Frankly, the last thing either of us want to do is dress up as a pantomime horse and pretend to be just one runner, so please help us!!

Anyway I’ve taken up enough of your time now, please join us this evening or tomorrow for a scoop of wine and sherry, some Catalan almonds and some delicious habas fritas.

¡Adios y hasta mañana!

Juan y Alejandro

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