Chocolate Block, Frank Sinatra, #MoutardRoutard

Fellow Wine Lovers,

‘Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today….’

That’s all I heard yesterday from Wayne.   Oh, and Fly me to the Moon, My Way, Love and Marriage, Strangers in the Night to name a few others. 

Then he would do a slightly odd hipsway, tip an imaginary fedora, break out the jazz hands and round it all off with the question ‘do you think I look like Dad?’

I blame Ronan Farrow.  Ever since Wayne read his tweet on Wednesday stating:

 ‘Listen, we’re all *possibly* Frank Sinatra’s son.

He has been convinced of this possibility.  He rang his Mum to double check – her immediate denial being seen by him as being a little too convincing, her ‘don’t be daft, you plonker!’ a little too forced, and her ‘I’ve never been to America and I don’t think Frank ever came to Leigh-on-sea’ the final proof, if any was needed, of intimacy – she’d called him Frank!

Perhaps now you can all understand the stresses of the Park Vintner’s workplace – a place where I am forced to work with a fabulist that makes up tall tales and fantasies without blinking an eye….

Back in the real world

Speaking of Twitter you may remember a little while back the #moutardroutard competition we launched – the last day for entries was Monday 30th September.  On Tuesday, we assembled a crack team of art critics (or to be more accurate Brian Sewell walked past the shop) and got down to the judging process.  Imagine our surprise when we discovered that our wives had won the bottles of Champagne – and only one of them had even entered!!

Smelling a rat we convened a second hanging committee and came up with two winners.  The first was the lady who managed to tweet a photo, within an hour of our first launching the competition, from Westward Ho! – very impressed that she had packed bubbly and also delighted she read our email!

The other bottle goes to the family who transported a bottle to Turkey, proceeded to win a tennis competition and then celebrated with Moutard out of paper Pepsi cups.  Kudos.

So we have Moutard waiting here for the two winners – hopefully they know who they are…

Forthcoming tastings

As mentioned last week, we have put some dates in the diary and it seems you have also put dates in your dairies.  The Christmas Wine & Cheese affair and the Sparkling wine and Champagne event on Thursday 5th December are completely sold out, and the other tasting – Bordeaux on Thursday 14th November is half full.  As usual we’ll start at 8pm here in the shop and the cost is £15.

Call us on 020 8944 5224 to grab one of the remaining slots…

Chocolate Block 2011

Our supplier has a hard time with his stock control clearly.  We have just received 30 bottles of this wine – something we thought had sold out.  Not to worry though, it’s nice to have it back on the shelf!  Still retailing at 2,299p.

Tasting this weekend

Frank Jr is in charge this weekend and, given his current state of mind, we should probably be showing the Smoking Loon wines, but we won’t mock the afflicted.  Instead we’ll be showing Manawa Riesling 2011 from Marlborough, New Zealand (£12.49) and the newly returned The Crusher Pinot Noir 2012 from Clarksburg, California (£13.29).

And finally, Mia Farrow…

… who has been the unwitting inspiration for this email.  All this *possibly* malarkey came about as a result of Vanity Fair talking to her and 8 of her 14 adopted and biological children. 

That’s a lot of names to remember, let alone remembering who their fathers are for sure, Mia…

I’ll leave the last words to the Chairman of the Board:

Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy.

Thank you, and goodnight.

Alex & Wayne

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