The sport v cake conundrum

Fellow Wine Lovers,

Undoubtedly the most important news across the desk this week was that Mighty Boosh are to reform and play Festival Supreme at Santa Monica pier. Any chance of a London gig, guys?

We saw David Warner was fined A$11,500 for a breach of rule 6: Unbecoming Behaviour. We’re still trying to clarify if the breach was for being in a Walkabout at 2am, or slapping a man in a wig.

As Sport England reports a fall of 200,000 people participating in sport between April 2012-April 2013 and blames it on the cold weather, we couldn’t help wondering if there was any correlation with the Mintel report showing 55% growth in small cake sales over the last couple of years?

Father’s Day

Dad, Father, Pop, Old Man, whatever you call him, this Sunday is his day. The media might depict him as just reading the newspaper, being a bit useless and dancing badly at weddings but we all know different don’t we? So Father’s Day is this Sunday and with such short notice you need to get a present.

Now, we know we’ve tipped you off late and you hadn’t thought of a present but we can help. We know for a fact that Dads like a bottle of red, a couple of beers or a maybe even a single malt and also that bit of downtime to enjoy a glass.

Bottle of red we might suggest something like the richness of Valenciso Rioja Reserva 2006 (£23.99), maybe the suave elegance of organic Barolo Brezza 2005 (£29.99) or the Patagonian polish on Alpataco Malbec 2011 (£11.49).

Couple of beers could involve the world beating Sambrook’s Brewery Wandle Ale (£2.59), new local heroes Rocky Head Brewery’s Pale Ale (£3.25), or Savour Beer’s Progress Blond (£2.59) if he likes his beer with a modern British take on the Belgian style.

Single Malt is going to be Finlaggan Old Reserve (£29.99). Distilled on Islay by a secret distillery (we have our thoughts on whom), it won a gold medal in the International Wine & Spirits Competition and Jim Murray’s review described it as “BRILLIANT…simply awesome.” We don’t feel the need to add much.

Wimbledon High School Summer Fair – Sunday the 16th June

We’ll be there on Sunday 16th June. It runs from 12-4 so if you’ve been really busy and not bought dad anything, bring him down to see us.

Tasting this Weekend

I spent Thursday afternoon thinking about what to taste at the weekend (a few of you passing by might have seen the chin stroking) and frankly struck out. Then over a bowl of blueberries this morning it struck me. When was the last time we recommended a wine to go with the Friday night takeaway?

Willowglen Gewürztraminer/Riesling 2011 (£9.29) is just such a wine. The Aussies love a bit of fusion cooking and have an array of wines to match. This one is crisp, a tiny bit floral but with some ripe fruit sweetness and a touch of spice. So if your supper involves the folks at Dragon King or Dalchini, swing by and try this on the way!

De Bortoli Vat 10 Pinot Noir (£11.99) is very much the thing in the red corner. Its silky red fruits and satisfying finish would be an ideal partner to a tandoori mixed grill or perhaps a shish kebab.

See you tonight, tomorrow and Sunday at the fair – busy weekend!

Wayne & Alex


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