Emilio Valerio Laderas de Montejurra, Château Fourcas-Dupré 2004, Listrac-Médoc, and Sauvignon Blanc.

Fellow Wine Lovers,

A week in sport and the national teams are getting it in the neck. The boys with the long trousers who spanked the Kiwis 2-0 in the series are being criticised for not being aggressive enough, whilst the boys in the short trousers are being criticised for just being rubbish. I have to say I think the guys in shorts were rubbish, Brazil have little to worry about. The World Cup in 2015 will be the exciting one for an Englishman.

More importantly this weekend is all about tops and tails, and which nose crosses the line first. Derby Day is upon us and we’ve studied the form, stuck pins in the list, and discussed the merits of wearing a shirt with yellow and red chevrons. Conclusions at the end!

The transfer window springs open to a ridiculous amount of gossip, rumour and nonsense with Monaco rumoured to be spending £100m (that’s two nights takings at the casino surely!), Manchester United and Manchester City bidding £25m for Fabregas in a bizarre job-share arrangement, whilst Arsenal scouts have been spotted at several under 14 tournaments trying to bag a bargain.

Should there be a transfer window for managers?

Wines in printNot that we like to blow our own trumpets but…(toot toot)

Fresh from having one of our wines featured in one national newspaper, we were chuffed to note another one, no name check for us this time though:

2004 Château Fourcas-Dupré, Listrac-Médoc, France    £ 21.49 

‘With so much rich, mature, truffley, meaty fruit on board, it will be hard not to crack open this lesser Listrac claret now, from a well-regarded property, because it is drinking so deliciously and would be perfect with the new season’s Welsh, or Dorset, rosy-pink roast lamb.

Yet Listracs take longer to mature than most and as 2004 is a good ‘classic’ claret vintage, according to the Bordelais, this one has three or four more years of life in it yet. Claret purists who like their game well-hung and their red Bordeaux extra perfumed, cedary and silky, should hang on to this until 2017.’   Jane MacQuitty, the Times, 25th May, 2013

Tasting this weekend

It’s been a tough week at the museums, grandparents have been run ragged, and that nice couple at number 32 has been happy to play volleyball over the fence with the kids despite having all those boxes to unpack.

It surely must be time to taste some wine. This week we’ve chosen:

False Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2012, Western Cape, South Africa – £8.29 is tasty, and comes from somewhere that sounds like it may get some sunshine.

Emilio Valerio Laderas de Montejurra 2010, Navarra, Spain – £12.39 is basically 1/3 each of Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. We found it fruity and easy drinking but with complexity too.

So come and have a sip slurp and gargle and tell us what you think. It’ll be Wayne pouring this week as Alex is waving sticks at a white ball in a sand pit.

Finally, as promised for those of you who follow our distinctly average racing tips we ruled out Dawn Approach because he’s so well favoured. We’re going each way on Ruler Of The World. Follow us at your own risk, but rest assured, neither of us will be wearing a shirt with yellow and red chevrons!

Don’t forget the sunscreen!

Wayne & Alex

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