Star Wars vs Doctor Who

Fellow Wine Lovers,

I was wondering how to open this week’s email when I came across the headline “Star Wars and Doctor Who fans clash at Norwich convention”. It would appear that police were called to the 4th Norwich Sci-Fi and Film Convention at the University of East Anglia. Luckily no lightsabres were drawn and a police spokesman said “The two rival groups were spoken to and advised to keep out of each other’s way.”

Elsewhere, it’s a goodbye to David Beckham who is hanging up his boots now his beard has gone a bit grey. Never mind Becks there’s always a kickabout on Sunday afternoons down the rec.

The first test against the Kiwi’s has started at Lords. albeit a bit slowly.

The hunt for the last place in Champions League should be decided on Sunday, although there is a slight chance that an algebraic equation may be triggered that could result in Rule C14 being invoked and a play off between Chelsea and Arsenal!

For those who like their sport with two wheels rather than two goals the race for the pink jersey is still on in Italy with Nibali still “in the pink”. Sir Bradley, still battling his chest infection, sadly has withdrawn from the race. Mark Cavendish is still the man to beat in a sprint though, and so far they ain’t managing it (100 wins)!

Windmill Market

Alex had a great day out last weekend, he spent much of last Saturday meeting, greeting and pouring at Windmill Market. It’s held on the 2nd Saturday of each month at St Mark’s Church in Wimbledon (which is between the Library and the Alexandra pub).

The next one is 8th June and we’ll be there again with a selection of our wines and Rocky Head beers, so tell all your chums.

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En Primeur Bordeaux 2012

We’ve been asked a few times what we think. I’ll stress that up to this point we’ve tasted none at all. We have spoken to a few chums with black teeth (hello Clive!) and understand the quality is pretty decent given the summer’s weather. Sadly, the pricing by most estates is somewhat higher than the market expects, which leaves little rhyme or reason for you or I to stump up the cash now.

If you do have a bit of cash burning a hole in your pocket with “Drinking: Destination Bordeaux” written on it come and have a chat with us about some older vintages. There is considerably more value there than in 2012 futures, we think.

London Wine Fair

Many of you have asked us how we go about buying wine and we’ve told you about attending various tastings and fairs in London.

Well there’s one next week so we’ll be sacrificing ourselves in the usual manner, we’re even going to try tweeting about some of the things we taste. It’ll be Wayne’s taste buds and tweety thumbs on Monday and Alex’s on Tuesday.

Tasting This Weekend

Given the time of year I was wondering about a Beaujolais and maybe our Provence rosé  but having just looked at the weather forecast I’ve decided upon Alpataco Malbec (£11.49). The wine hails from the Neuquén Valley in Patagonia, Argentina. Named after the Mapudungun word for drafty, the region has warm summers, cool nights and frequent breezes. All this conspires to give us a long ripening season with good flavour richness but also elegant freshness in the wines. Come and give it a taste and tell us what you think!

In the white corner we’ll head for the Pfalz in Germany, for it is from there that Reichsrat Von Buhl’s Riesling Trocken (£14.99) hails. Crisp, deliciously vibrant and drier than this week’s weather we think it’s high time you all had a gargle!


Wayne & Alex

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