St. Emilion 2012 Classification, Pumanque, Tupangato, Horse Burger romps home

Fellow Wine Lovers,

As Jack Frost busies himself across the nation, I’d just ask you to spare a thought for the horrors our tennis players have to endure in the Australian Open. Temperatures are reaching over 40 degrees!

Elsewhere in the news, stories that the Bundesbank is repatriating its foreign gold holdings to pay Pep Guardiola seem a little wide of the mark.

In wine news the 2012 St Emilion re-Classification has run into some legal problems with 3 chateaux challenging the classification at a tribunal. I, for one, can’t help but think that if they were as keen to spend money in the vineyard as they are in the lawyers’ office, they wouldn’t have been downgraded in the first place!

I attended a conference looking at South American wine this week, leaving Alex to look after the shop.  It covered all that is new and exciting in Chile in the morning. Watch out for the Pumanque region in the future, Brian Croser describes the soil as “so good it’s almost edible”. It’s a region for the future is all I’m saying.

Across the Andes to Argentina for the afternoon session, this was all about Gualtallary, the highest zone of Tupungato and only about 90km from Mendoza. Wow, what exciting wines though. Another one to watch out for, we’ll see what we can do!

Wine School

Now we have got Wayne up to speed a bit it’s your turn. Come along, spend six weeks with your nose, ears and mouths all filled with tales of wine, priests, widows and grapes, not to mention yeast, barrels and bottles. By the end you’ll discover it’s nearly time for the clocks to change, you’ve tasted 60 wines, and know where the bubbles come from.

Term starts 30th January 2013 there is an half term break and then term ends 13th March 2013. Cost is £150 and full details attached.

Tasting This Weekend

Something that will go with snowballs – probably red.

Food & Wine Match

If anybody needs a wine to go with a horse burger, it’ll be our first time out but we’re confident we can choose something that’ll go the distance!

Wayne & Alex

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