New Year Predictions, 6 for 5, Wine Club, 4th January 2013

Fellow Wine Lovers,

Happy New Year to all – I trust you emptied your wine racks over the holiday period so if you need any help re-filling you know where to come!

Looking back at last January’s predictions, we sent our footballers to Europe with low expectations and were rewarded with a surprise quarter final exit on penalties.

Wayne not only threw down his crutches and walked, but took the stabilisers off his bike too!

The US decided to hang on to the President they had.

So what shall we watch out for this year?

Stage 8 at the Giro d’Italia holds the key for Bradley Wiggins (assuming he doesn’t do a Wayne and fall off).

Ashes start on July 10th whilst the Lions are roaring down under.

Elsewhere the Eurozone mess will roll on, money will be printed, and ice will be danced on.

Wine School

This starts on Wednesday 30th January at 8pm and lasts for 6 weeks (not including the break for half term).  Even better it all takes place here in our shop where we are surrounded by vinous gems to taste.

Plenty of you have shown plenty of interest in this course, but it is starting to fill up now, so if you want to de-mystify all the jargon that surrounds wine come and join in.

I have attached details for your perusal – give us a call on 020 8944 5224 to book your place.


I would like to announce at this point that, as ever, everything is for SALE in our shop.

To sweeten it a little though, we have decided throughout January to offer everything in the store at ‘6 for 5’.  This is not a ‘cheapest item free of charge’ offer either – it is a straight 16.6666667% discount, for those interested in the maths. 

Wine Club

Over the last few months a number of you have enquired of us whether we have any sort of monthly Wine Club, whereby, for a fixed amount each month, you receive a selection of delicious wines with tasting notes and more importantly, at a better price than available off the shelves (usually around 15% less).

The answer is yes.

We have a thriving little club which does just that.  For £50 per month you receive 6 different bottles of wine complete with notes and food recommendations.

We email you at the beginning of the month and tell you what is in the selection – you then tell us what a marvellous selection it is, how really we should be charging twice what we are, and what smashing chaps we are to boot.  Or, if one of the wines really doesn’t appeal, you can ask for it to be changed.  We will then organise delivery and payment and off we go.  Simple as that.

There is no tie-in, we only take payment once we receive confirmation from you, and we endeavour to be as varied in our selections as possible.

If this appeals, and it seems it does to a few of you judging from feedback, then please see attached registration form, Wayne’s choosing this month’s selection as we speak.

That’s it from us – we will have something open to taste tomorrow but we are currently still trying to tidy up post-Christmas and haven’t picked them out yet – I predict a white and a red, and you can quote me!

So, have a look at your wine rack and see what you need – if the Wine Club can’t help then surely the ‘6 for 5’ must be able to in some way!

Wayne & Alex

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