Wine Course, Chocolate Block, Gavi-Brunato-Chassenay d’Arce

Fellow Wine Lovers,

As all our thoughts turn to parties, mince pies, wrapping paper and of course the pressies to wrap up we thought we’d offer some friendly help and advice…

Parties – wear something festively red, make sure you have a taxi number with you, and drink at least 1 glass of water.

Mince pies – don’t forget the Optrex, no party season is complete without the pocket brightener for the morning after. In the food sense, it’s the perfect afternoon pick me up with a cup of tea.

Wrapping paper – flock wallpaper is absolutely rubbish. It looks fantastic but the sticky tape does not stay stuck! Why not try one of our bottle bag options.

Pressies – we can suggest many things, two are below:

Wine Course

The gift that keeps on giving! Why not send your other-half/brother/sister/personal-trainer(delete as appropriate) on our six week wine course. You’ll have Wednesday nights free for six weeks, they’ll taste around 60 wines, discover the difference between red and white grapes and even learn some groovy new wine terms to impress their friends.

Sound too good to miss? Then come along with them. Term starts 30th Jan 2013 for 7 weeks (break for half term in the middle) and costs £150. Considerably less than a pair of Gucci loafers and much more fun. Full details attached.

The Chocolate Block 2011 – Same price as last year £22.99 whilst stocks last…

Boekenhoutskloof have done it again. Just when you thought you’d never see one again, and you wish you hadn’t drunk that last bottle, up pops the new vintage. It makes the perfect present too. Over to the Mark Kent… “Winemakers comments: The 2011 Chocolate Block is a blend of Syrah (69%); Grenache Noir (14%); Cabernet Sauvignon (11%); Cinsault (5%) and Viognier (1%). This wine is the perfect example of identifying “undiscovered” parcels of vineyard with amazing potential and utilizing it to unleash its world class quality.”

*Rest assured no chocolate was harmed in the making of this wine.

Tasting this weekend

The tasting table has a definite Italian accent this weekend starting in Piemonte in the north with Roberto Sarotto’s delicious Gavi del Commune di Gavi (£12.99). This is the real deal, single vineyard wine from lofty slopes that is aged on its lees to add depth and character.

We’ll then head to Toscana and the beautiful village of Montalcino. Giacomo Bindi’s Brunato Il Cocco (£12.99) from the highest vineyards in Montalcino we found ourselves wondering if it might not be just fab with goose. Best reacquaint ourselves with its flavours.

Lest we get carried away talking with our hands, we shall provide focus with some suitably seasonable bubbles. Chassenay d’Arce is our new recruit on the Champagne front and we shall open Chassenay d’Arce Brut Premiere (£33.99) an elegant 60/40 Pinot Noir Chardonnay blend that’s been floating the boats at quite a few private members clubs lately.

Nearly there,

Wayne & Alex.

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