Fly Pasts and Bunting

Fellow Wine Lovers,

Any idea what day it is? Nope, nor us! It seems there’s a decent chance there might already be a glass in the hand of some of you, most of you will send us a polite note to say that you’ll attend to our email on Monday and one or two of you are still in a queue at an airport.

The bunting flew, as did the Red Arrows as well as numerous helicopters, Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster planes. Certainly one of us finds the idea of such elderly planes flying just above our heads a little scary. Her Maj. made it out onto the balcony, Cinderella’s gold coach was towed out of retirement, we’ve had street parties, scones with cream and, no doubt, some barbecue too and we’ve not even made it to the weekend yet!

Food for Thought

A German hospital questioned 628 adults with an average age of 72 about their mood and quality of life, before comparing this information with the amount of alcohol they drank.

The participants, all in for routine surgery, were monitored over six months, each answering questionnaires before their operations and again at a follow-up appointment. About a third of the people questioned were drinking “potentially unhealthy” quantities, which meant drinking at least four nights a week, or regularly drinking the equivalent of two bottles of wine in one day.

But it just so happens that this group of drinkers were slimmer, happier and more mobile than those who drank less or were teetotal.

Before we get too excited, Dr Tony Rao, a consultant old-age psychiatrist at King’s College London pointed out that the study was observational, meaning cause and effect could not be determined.

Tasting This Weekend – At the risk of rather stretching a theme, we’ll be rolling out the gold carriage along the royal road from the Palace…

Palacio del Camino Real Blanco (£10.99) a classic barrel fermented white Rioja…

Palacio del Camino Real Crianza (£11.99) we find Rioja Crianza is rather versatile food wise so why not indeed?

And that about sums it all up I think. Her Maj. has been kind enough to give everyone a few days off and that includes the authors of this newsletter.

We’ll be here till 6pm today then we’re open as normal on Saturday 12-7pm.

Enjoy your weekend peeps!

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