Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Fellow Wine Lovers,

31st January – Guy Fawkes executed in 1606; Terry Wogan died in 2016; John Lydon was born in 1956 and Justin Timberlake in 1981. 

Perhaps most significantly though, in 2020, today marks the end of an era.  A unique period in history, where there were occasional disappointments but, generally speaking, plenty of successes not to mention a greater understanding of how we can help each other out in a mutually beneficial way… Yes, sadly, today is the very last day of the Park Vintners January 6 for 5 sale – I know, it felt like I was going to mention something else didn’t it?  However, I believe that this is the single most significant event happening today, not least because it is properly the very last day, there is no transitioning until December for this one I’m afraid.

But yes, you’re right, we do need to acknowledge that elephant in the room 

Having missed previous deadlines I’m not sure if it’s really the 337th March, the 306th April or the 123rd October 2019!  Will there be a sense of ‘And with that, we’re gone’ come 11pm this evening.  Well, actually, no.  Because we’re not gone of course, that would be too easy. 

Having watched Nigel Farage and Anne Widdecombe singing Auld Lang Syne whilst rather wishing they’d taken the opportunity to channel their inner-Almond by warbling ‘It was a kind of so-so love and I’m gonna make sure it doesn’t happen again, you and I had to be the standing joke of the year… Say hello goodbye, say hello and wave goodbye ’ and waving the Union Flag as they were ejected from European Parliament on Wednesday, it reminded us of how very, very grown up this whole farago has been from start to not-quite finish.  And this is before we mention Heather Anderson’s 4 day cameo for probably more money than you and I earnt his week!


Life begins at February

But tomorrow is Saturday, it’s February, good sense and decorum will return, dry January will be over, veganuarists will hit the steaks and put their leather shoes back on, the transfer window will be shut and the Rugby Six Nations is on the telly. 

Now, as ever, there’s been plenty of banter between rugby fans over the last week or so, I never can quite understand why much of it isn’t considered to be racist but then I’m the wrong sort of woke, I think.  Anyway, Wayne tells me that England should win the lot, which means they’ll come fifth.  He also tells me that France have a great young team so should win the lot.  Ireland are looking dangerous and, as such, should win the lot.  Wales have a point to prove, aptly demonstrated by not picking Rees-Zammit and sticking North in the centres, so are obviously very confident and should win the lot.  Scotland, well Scotland can beat anyone on their day, so should win the lot.  Italy, like Scotland, have never won the Six Nations so it must be their turn and as a consequence should win the lot.  Place your bets, you heard it here first.

I’d rather have a cup of tea

Not suggesting that there is any science to this at all, just whimsy.  Apparently PG Tips and pals are no longer as popular as they used to be.  Sales are down as these sorts of tea are apparently falling out of favour with the public – so if people aren’t drinking tea, what are they doing?  Anyone familiar with the rest of the Boy George quote from above will perhaps come to the same conclusion as us – expect a baby boom!

I’d rather have a glass of wine and a hunk of cheese…

…. if this sounds like you then you’re in luck.

Thursday 13th February – Cheese & Wine Tasting here at the shop at 8pm.

Cost is still £20 per person – currently we have plenty of space, in fact all the spaces, so if you fancy a night out that’s cheaper then Valentines but could still vaguely count, sign up now!!

I’d rather have a glass of wine

Sensible – how about one of the wines we’ve got on tasting this weekend? You may remember we mentioned a link-up between Argentine producers, Pulenta Estate and Wimbledon Hockey club last year, so we thought we would open a couple of their wines this weekend.

In white we have Pulenta Estate Chardonnay 2016 (£14.99) a perfect partner to some fish pie with its tropical fruit core, peach and hazelnut notes and crisp citrus finish.

In the red we have the Pulenta La Flor Malbec 2018 (£15.69), up here at 980m the grapes develop great colour and give us full flavoured wine with soft tannins and a certain elegance. The wine shows dark cherry fruits, a hint of vanillin from 3 months in oak and a juicy finish. Rib-eye anyone?

Dry February

Not a thing, I know, however early next week could be a little dry since we are shut Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th whilst we go and examine the Hepple Gin underbelly – photos and news to follow I’m sure and normal service will resume on Wednesday!

‘Take your hands off me, I don’t belong to you, you see, Take a look at my face for the last time, I never knew you, you never knew me

Say hello, goodbye – Say hello, wave goodbye!’

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