Christmas Liqueur, Sloe Gin & Bollinger

Fellow Wine Lovers,

We’ve been beavering away this week, carry boxes down stairs, carry boxes back upstairs, drop them off at people’s houses, book couriers to drop them further afield. As a result, we have missed much of the shouty-shouty stuff going on over in Westminster. We heard there was a lot of fuss about legal advice being published but couldn’t understand why, given that the world, it’s mother, three monkeys and a giraffe had already stated which way they planned to vote.

And vote they will, as next week sees one of the most important votes in recent history. I’m surprised there’s not been more mention of it in the press if I’m honest, given the very serious impact it could have on people’s finances. We’ve been conducting a straw poll amongst customers and it would appear to be fairly finely balanced, so the question on everyone’s lips is – will they or won’t they? However, before we get to the Wimbledon Park Golf Club vote on Thursday, we just have to get past this vote on the Brexit nonsense.

We have been wondering how much all the hot air expelled on the subject is contributing to global warming? As I type this on a December day in Wimbledon Park, the temperature is a rather balmy (or barmy, you choose) 13˚C. I’m not so sure that’s normal for this time of year if I’m honest but maybe it’s the new normal.

For some, the world may have already ended. The O2 network spent most of the day yesterday without data services and hardest hit of all were our young people. Unsure how to communicate without Snapchat, Instagram or WhatsApp they have all become somewhat surly and sullen. It would all appear to be so unfair.

Talking of fair, don’t miss Alex at the Wimbledon Park Primary School Christmas Fair on Sunday. Do pop by and say hello if you’re there and perhaps buy a bottle of the Foxdenton Christmas Liqueur (£20) to get you in the right frame of mind.

It seems we may have scooped the BBC by about three years or more as Foxdenton’s Sloe Gin (£24.99) made it into the BBC Good Food Christmas Taste Awards. “Foxdenton claim a business heritage back to 1935, and are currently run by the descendants of the founding Major Radclyffe. With a definite affinity to the hunting-and-fishing end of sloe gin’s reputation, this is a rich fireside warmer or hipflask pull when out in the cold. Boozy, but not hot, on the nose, it wafts Battenberg at you, with lots of plum and glacé cherry fruit after the initial almond heft. Drunk, it leads with intense plum and plum skins, the fruit competing with marzipan. A rich, full mouth, especially given it is not one of the sweeter examples. Spicy pepper and coriander notes come in as well, as it finishes long.”

Told you it was good!

Wine School places have been flying and there are only three spaces left, so don’t delay if you’ve been planning to come! Details attached.
Christmas Gifts – I mentioned sending boxes above and that’s very much what we’re doing this week. If you’d like us to help with some corporate gifting or if Great Aunt Zelda in Putney deserves a Christmas box, do come and see us. It’s better done early rather than late from both a choice and success of delivery angle. Maybe a box of six Bollinger for £210?

Our Christmas cases are just about ready, the last wine arrived halfway through paragraph three above.

Tasting This Weekend
Bubbling over with enthusiasm will be Leveret IQ Brut NV (£15.99) a traditional method sparkler from New Zealand.

Wearing the white tuxedo you’ll find Meerlust Chardonnay 2017 (£22.99) recently declared one of the top five South African Chardonnays.

In the red velvet waistcoat we’ll be putting Lopez de Haro Gran Reserva 2010 (£21) which has complex berry, coffee and vanilla notes and a lovely velvety finish.


Wayne & Alex

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