Tinkerbell Effect Proven, Provence Rosé and Little Bird Gin

Fellow Wine Lovers,

No, no please, don’t be silly, there’s no need to thank us, it’s you who made this happen, we were just doing our job and we’re simply delighted that you can benefit from the fruits of your own labours…

If you recall, last week we wrote:

Oh, for crying out loud, when is it all going to end?  Months we’ve been waiting for a glimmer of hope, a ray of sunshine, a jacket-free day.  We’ve had a couple of nice half-days dotted around…. Perhaps it’s time for the Tinkerbell effect to step in – if we all start drinking Rosé, having barbecues, arranging picnics and cricket matches, then the sun might start to get the message.

And you heard our call to arms.  In spite of the fact that jeans and sweaters were still the uniform on Saturday, you did us proud.  You bought rosé purely on the basis that we suggested you should, we could smell the barbecue smoke and hear the sizzling steaks from late afternoon and we could hear laughter and the clinking of glasses and the crashing of cricket balls clattering into greenhouses– people, you were outside, in spite of the weather, metaphorically applauding with all your might to show a small fictitious fairy that you believe in her.

And what happened next?

Blazing sunshine on Sunday.  Admittedly, a bit muggy on Monday and Tuesday but I think there was more activity in the gyms of SW19 than carousing in the garden.  Scorching on Wednesday and back on track, as the fridges began emptying once more.  Similar but better on Thursday, in all respects.  Today, mostly sunny and pleasantly warm (27c!) according to a very understated accuweather report – fridges full, until the schools are out at least!  And, dare I say it, it looks like it might continue into the BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND but only if you keep on taking the medicine!

To do our bit to help, we will be opening:

Chateau de L’Aumerade ‘Cuvée Marie-Christine’ 2016

Côtes de Provence Cru Classé £13.99


A rather splendid offer of Six Bottles for £72

The Chateau de L’Aumerade is a 400 year old vineyard in the heart of Provence. Its red soils are rich in minerals, giving it an edge on the quality stakes amongst its neighbours. This edge was recognised in 1956 when the estate was designated “Cru Classé”.  A lovely pale salmon colour, it is indeed cracking stuff with delicate red berry fruits, slightly floral and an impressively long finish.  The perfect wine for summer, great with all manner of food, or just with a deck chair and a smile!  Our bestselling wine, overall, for the last few years – we are already outstripping last year’s sales and we haven’t had any ‘real’ weather yet!

When Wayne is not out and about tasting wine, cycling, holidaying, camping, ironing shirts or drinking beer, he does spend a large portion of his time here, in the shop, selling wine.  Oh, and Gin.  As a result of his plentiful interactions with all things juniper, last year we listed a Gin from Peckham – Little Bird.  Laura from Little Bird has created a small batch gin with a seductive pink-grapefruit nose and a fresh juniper and citrus tang on the palate that gives way to luscious, velvety orange peel with an underlying sweetness and zesty finish.  That’s what she told us when we first met her and, to be honest, she wasn’t wrong.

If you would rather make up your own mind though, Laura will be in the shop in two weeks time, on Friday 9th June from about 5.30pm we believe, tossing around cocktail shakers and wearing an ironic beard and topknot.  Or perhaps, not – either way come and visit and enjoy the finest thing out of Peckham since, well, ever!

Laura – Little Bird – Friday 9th June – 5.30pm – don’t worry, we’ll remind you.

For those of you ‘blessed’ with half term next week, good luck.  As half term encompasses a bank holiday on Monday our opening hours are slightly different his weekend:

Saturday – 10am – 6pm

Sunday & Monday – CLOSED

Tuesday – Business as usual

But, ideally, you’ll all be on a beach in Cornwall, so this shouldn’t affect you.  Ideal.

For those of you keeping the lights on here, alongside the fabulous Rosé on tasting, we will be opening a nice barbecue red, Three Peaks 2014 £12.99, from our chums at Domaine Treloar.  The vineyard is overlooked by three Pyrenean peaks, hence the name, and the wine is a classy blend of Syrah, Mourvèdre and Grenache.  Rich and spicy from the 12 months spent in used French oak barrels, it shows lovely crushed forest fruit character, a touch of earthy minerality and maybe even a hint of leather.  Perfect with some seared barbecued treats!

Now that’s it from us – it’s been a horrible week, so if you do one thing this weekend then please, raise a glass to absent friends – Valete!

Wayne & Alex

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